22 thoughts on “Wash It For This?

  1. Rep

    Maybe it is actually a NI highway maintenance van that someone stuck an Irish Water sticker on? Or they just bought the vans cheaply from NI highway maintenance?

  2. Drogg

    Maybe it’s because a high proportion of GMC Sierra fitters that are installing the meters are from NI.

  3. Harry the Horse

    Farrans, from Belfast, are one of the main contractors installing the water metres around Dublin. It’s probably one of theirs.

  4. Stephen Nutley

    I’m not in favour of water meters, or the way the whole fiasco has been carried out, but the jobs to be then given to the UK when there’s enough unemployed in the Republic…

    1. Padi

      Duties performed in Ireland, wages should be taxable here. Also contract likely creates a taxable presence for UK co in Ireland, without exact details hard to know. Likely no tax difference compared to if it were and Irish company doing the works.

      1. pissedasanewt

        All the tax goes into one big hole and is then divied out. Its a higher priority to pay social welfare, pay for hospitals, policing, civil servants etc etc. So in order to improve and maintain the water network we will now have to pay for it separately like every other country in Europe.

        Its the same as road tax, VRT, tolls.. all collected for the roads but none of it gets spent on the roads. The NRA is allocated a few hundred million out of the tax take to maintain the roads. We’d have gold plated roads if all that money was spent on them.

      2. Padi

        With income tax reductions no taxpayer is paying twice. Also I suspect the lower paid contributed very little to water when all of their tax was put in to the pot and divvied up (tax transparency breakdowns don’t help shed light on this). The paying twice argument really only holds up for middle to high earners who would have been contributing greater amounts towards water already.

  5. Kin Kong Ovo

    Wait, wait… So Clare Daly was actually the “guard” who went around hitting women all along?
    And the guard knew internal affairs were on to him the whole time?

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