When A Plan Comes Together



Nobody wants a Raleigh anymore.

They want your Giant Defying Treks.

Dublin Cycling writes:

Bike theft is a big and growing problem in Dublin. While only 4,500 bikes were reported stolen in Dublin in 2013 we know there is a big under-reporting problem and we estimate that the real figure was around 20,000. The information you will provide in this survey [link below] will be invaluable in helping us design a plan, in conjunction with the Gardai, City Council, City Planners& Bike trade, to tackle the problem

Dublin Cycling Survey

11 thoughts on “When A Plan Comes Together

  1. Aaron

    Sorry all for any confusion with post, I didn’t have my own brand generic oats and water cereal this morning.

  2. Jojo

    Wanted to submit an entry but I’ve never had a bike stolen and the survey requires me to fulfill Step 2 so I just had to click Locate Me to complete it.

    A bug or a genuine oversight? I feel guilty now for skewing the results.

    1. Nially

      “I tried to fill out this survey on bike theft, but got confused because I’ve never had a bike stolen so I just clicked buttons randomly while literally shitting myself!”

  3. fFs

    The survey is a great idea and the map of thefts the most important I suppose, but my, that survey was badly drawn up – it looks like it was thrown together without any thought. Amazing the amount of people who x out of a survey if anything is even the slightest bit ambiguous…

  4. isintheair_

    @ 1:55
    He should have wrapped the cable around the poll and used a different lock. The bike thief could have something to break or cut the u-lock and then the cable comes off. Having two locks on that bike is better.

    1. anon

      The cable is easier to cut than the lock, the lock on the pole as suggested is better.

      Two locks would be even better but it is funny to spend all that money on a light bike and weigh down with locks. Even so no lock is unbreakable, it is all about increasing the time and effort needed to make your bike less of a target.

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