‘He Is Terrified He Will Lose His Job’


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Sinéad O’Connor and Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late Show last night

Further to Sinéad O’Connor’s appearance on last night’s Late Late Show, in which she mentioned that she had been shown footage of a woman being thrown to the ground by a guard during an Irish Water protest, she writes on her website:

“The un-named RTE employee who showed me footage yesterday of male Gardai throwing a woman into a concrete bollard during a water charges protest, and did so in order to request I ‘get on board’ with the subject, has been on the phone to me this afternoon begging I remove from my blog, the mention of his having shown me the footage as he is terrified he will lose his job because having shown me the footage (which has been in full public circulation for two weeks anyway!) prompted me to discuss non-violent revolution and the creation of a Second Republic of Ireland.”

“Needless to point out the utter hypocrisy of this person asking me to voice what he hasn’t the courage to voice himself. I requested he remove his cock and balls from the mouth of the state and have the same courage as I, to stand by one’s convictions.The very idea someone could be terrified they might be fired for showing me the footage says an awful lot about RTE. And Ryan says its not State TV? To quote Geldof “That’s a load of bollox”.”

RTE employee terrified of losing job for showing me footage of water protests (Sinéad O’Connor)

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57 thoughts on “‘He Is Terrified He Will Lose His Job’

  1. Steve

    @BS….lads long time reader – part time commenter. I’m a fan of the website and I recognise that it has a left wing / liberal agenda, which I would see myself on. But seriously, who is editing your posts these days? The lovechild of Leon Trotzsky and Ann Coulter???

    1. Eliot Rosewater

      I’m not sure how the above article qualifies as a liberal/left one. There is no commentary on it from BS. Her appearance on RTE was newsworthy and appeared on BS and she is now commenting on that, so it makes sense for BS to feature it.

      You can do a little checklist. Does BS feature articles/comments/transcripts from right wing figures? Yep. So, no conspiracy then. Also O’Connor’s ramblings do little to help the liberal/left agenda.

      1. Steve

        Ah it was a comment about the tone of posts on anti water charges / anti gov in general, not specifically about SOC.

        BS do publish right wing stuff, but does so to take the piss out of it…which IMO is fine. The anti water / anti gov posts come from a position of complete support and bias, with very little critical comment…apart from the random infograph (I think) published during the week about why we need water charges.

        1. nellyb

          “Support and bias” – broadsheet exists at no cost to “commentariat” and never claimed to be a formal news outlet, I believe it gives broadsheet license to cover events from their own angle, whatever that is. Very flexible arrangement – don’t you agree?

          1. Steve

            Agree alright. I guess my point ultimately is that if BS wants to maintain and enlarge it’s readership it should try to provide a semblance of balanced coverage on issues such as water charges.

            If it wants to be indymedia…then fire ahead lads. I can just see it losing a fair amount of the “centrist” readership…if such a thing exists.

            And all you’ll end up is getting commenters reinforcing and validating each other’s points ad neuseam ,as has been the case with the water charges….blah blah blah…screw the gov…screw the guards….screw IW…blah blah blah….yeah you’re right…yeah you’re right too….watch out for FG stooge …blah blah blah

          2. Anne

            screw the gov…screw the guards….screw IW

            If you have alternative views to support the Government, the Guards actions and Irish water, why don’t you just give them, instead of whinging.

            A lot of posts are given without commentary.. what you’re getting is a reflection of what’s going on -People are fed up with being taken for a ride by our Gov./Irish Water.

            If you want to believe nonsense about IW protesters being like ISIS, and you don’t agree that’s worthy of a p*ss-take, then go elsewhere I suppose.

          3. cluster

            ‘People are fed up’

            I hate the tendency to express personal opinions as if ‘everyone’ (the ‘everyone’ beloved of Irish mammies – the ‘everyone’ which didn’t include gays or non-Catholics until recently).

            Clearly a lot of people have problems with IW for a variety of reasons but ‘everyone’ is not ‘fed up’

          4. sickofallthisbs

            First, had to laugh at moronic comment by Anne there – just because something is posted without comment does not mean it is not without inherent bias. The selection and production of pieces of news on the site is part of both a subconscious and conscious partiality.

            Secondly, Broadsheet does not aim to provide balance.

  2. Jim Computer

    Oh Sinéad…
    I was with you all the way, willing to waive the fact that you turn up on the Late, Late Show only whenever you have something new to promote/sell. (You big rebel!)
    -Then, at the very end you mentioned that Geldof bollox, as if he was something more than just a big mouth!

    What’s next?
    Are you going to invoke Bono?

    I don’t want to know you anymore.

    1. Jim Computer

      That reggae album was an abomination, and the low-point of Sly ‘n’ Robbie’s careers.
      -In my opinion.

        1. Jim Computer

          Ah c’mon…it might sound okay to someone who knows little or nothing about reggae, someone who thinks reggae begins at Bob Marley and ends at UB40.
          It doesn’t wash with the rest of us.
          It was a lazy selection of covers with no imagination.
          -It reminded me of Annie Lennox, and that’s not a good thing.

          1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

            “Downpressor man, who ya gonna f$%^&kin’ run to” – it is not often you come by tht passion, sung so well.

          2. bagpuss55

            in my opinion Peter Andre`s ”mysterious girl” is the ultimate reggae song.
            wagwan ya know what me mean?

          3. droid

            The title track from the reggae LP wasnt that bad actually. Probably one of the most successful reggae crossover album in years. Not really my cup of tea, but Sly and robbie have done far worse stuff.

    2. rotide

      You know what? I’ll ignore the insane ramblings and the train of thought multiple posts. I’ll even ignore the bono jabs as there is zero point in flogging that horse here.

      but ” that Geldof bollox, as if he was something more than just a big mouth!” ?

      Feck off. Go organise Live Aid from behind your computer and come back to us.


      1. SOMK

        Live Aid was a load a bollox. Grossly patronising (not to mention borderline racist) and simplification of a famine that was caused not by nature but by a civil war, the live aid money was given out willy nilly and effectively helped to extend the civil war that caused the famine in the first place, more recently the Live 8 was another fiasco, an initiative that had nothing to do with Geldof and co until they stuck their bloody noses in and completely ruined the original plan, those debt write offs for poor African countries were hoovered up by international vulture funds, in other words Geldof has literally caused more harm than good when it comes to Africa, yet people who haven’t read a book in their life will literally threaten you with terrible violence if you don’t agree that two middle-aged white pop stars managed to reverse the course of over half a century of colonial exploitation and war fare with a f***ing pop concert.

        People actually think Live Aid saved Africa on some level without even for a second just thinking about what live aid was, ie. a charity pop concert and single, and what Africa is, ie. a long exploited continent of 1.1 billion people, 47 countries and the cradle of humanity.

        People think that and then think people who don’t think that are idiots, and then express this view publicly.

        The grief Sinead O’Connor gets for being a bit ‘crazy’ compared to the fawning you get over the likes of Geldof and Bono, who should be held to account for facilitating war crimes, not feted as humanitarians who saved a famine, makes you think those feminists who talk about there being an inherent patriarchal misogyny have a point.


  3. Jim Computer


    Nah, fook it, I still love you…
    How could I not still love you?

    I apologise, but stop winding me up by mentioning other men.

  4. Maxi

    It’s always always always about Sinead. No matter what it is, she turns the story around to be about her. An attention seeker who somehow always gets her fix.

    1. isintheair_

      Exactly, Maxi. And Irish people play along with this nonsense.
      Our national broadcaster is a plaything for these south Dublin freedom fighters and champions of the poor. When they need their fix they’ll talk to Ryan or Brendan about a new Republic. It’s funny really.

    2. cluster

      Why this person, whoever they were, chose to confide in Sinead is a mystery to me.

      She could easily have brought up the various issues involved without throwing that person (presumably easily identifiable) under the bus.

      Shades of the affair she had with the manager and felt the need to tell everyone how terrible she had been.

      1. Anne

        She could easily have brought up the various issues involved without throwing that person (presumably easily identifiable) under the bus

        That’s the crux of it really.
        The clip has been available for weeks and it should be the man’s choice to leave him out of it.

        She’s a complete tool.

  5. Anne

    I was just going to call her a thick b***, but I’ll explain.
    Excuse the rant.

    He showed her sometime in passing probably, not thinking she would attribute it to him, then he asks her please don’t attribute that to me, and she blabbers that too..

    Are you f*cking stupid Sinead? You can’t go making “whistle-blowers” out of people and blabbering their fears, because that’s what you would do.
    The best journalists we’ve ever had in the country wouldn’t do what you just did to someone.

    I like a lot of what she has to say and I like a lot of her music, but she seems to have no discretion about her whatsoever, and low on the aul IQ at times.

    Has she no one around her who’s got a bit of sense to bounce these things off first?

    It says a lot about you Sinead, not RTE..

    1. f_lawless

      But I think the point she was making is that he isn’t a whistleblower (as the video was already publicly accessible) so he’s worried about losing his job for merely being seen to have influenced her views on the matter. Which I suppose would make one wonder about the working environment in RTE

      1. Anne

        His fears and reality are not necessarily the same thing.

        He asked her to leave his name out of it.. for his own reasons, and she blabbers that to everyone too?

        You hear of journalists going to jail rather than blabber their sources. It’s the person’s choice. It’s not Sinéad’s to expose what she may imagine is going on in RTE, using this particular man and this non incident.

        I’d say it’ll be a while before she’s on there again..

        I’m usually singing her praises, but she’s a clown.. she really is.

    2. Jim Computer

      Wow Anne,
      if only Sinéad was as articulate as you.

      What does ‘He showed her sometime in passing probably, not thinking she would attribute it to him, then he asks her please don’t attribute that to me, and she blabbers that too..’ actually mean?

      Go back to bed.

    3. rotide

      I agree with nearly all of that Anne (the shock eh?) with one exception.

      She published that on her website, which noone reads. Broadsheet republished it for easy clicks but we’re not talking huff post here. Comparing her to a journalist revealing sources is somewhat moot considering her rant will be read by less people than will be in coppers tonight.

      1. Anne

        Yeah, very shocking. :)

        I kinda feel like if something is already out in the public domain, then it’s out there.
        And she put it there first.

        Easy clicks? What it’s all about I suppose.
        It’s not like those aren’t balanced with some pretty lengthy, informative posts here too though.
        The knuckleheads and drunks don’t comment on those ones, if you’ve noticed.
        You have to cater to all levels of IQ really.

        If you think you can do things better, set up your own place with no easy clicks – you’ll be happy out, no one will read it. :)

  6. Jim Computer

    I love Sinéad, and I know she loves me.

    To any F’er who wants to fight me I say ‘Bring it on.

    [WARNING] I fight dirty.

    1. Jim Computer

      Right lois. Your name is going in the book.
      -If you had said ‘beautiful hoop’ I might have let you away with it, but you didn’t so I wont.

      -Anyone else wanna slander the name of the second greatest Irish woman ever, after my Mother?

      1. ahyeah

        Want to know something, Jim? I was in SuperValu (south county Dublin branch, won’t disclose which). I turned the corner into the frozen foods / dairy products aisle. And there she was. Our eyes met, hers lingered but I looked away (I’m handsome but shy – and the ladies like that). Moments later, our hands touched as we both reached for the same carton of Glenisk; I could taste the sexual tension in the air.

  7. Sancho

    I’m confused by the comments. What about the accusation that RTE is in the pocket of the Gov? I know we all already knew this but it’s another thing to have someone come out and say it so openly.

    1. Alfred E. Neumann

      It truly is brave. I hope she isn’t mysteriously disappeared like the few other heroes who have dared to criticise RTE.

      I can hear the helicopters as I type.

    2. declan

      Could it not be that somebody (the whistleblower) wanted to move the conversation for the interview to IW and women protestors as Sinead tends to make good tv for this sort of stuff – it was a plant people. It’s like the audience getting a few glasses of wine beforehand ans yes I didn’t watch it

    3. cluster

      Did we already know that?

      I’m surf Kenny would love to get just a fraction of the support from RTE that the BBC gives the Brit establishment.

  8. Hashtag Diversity

    This is what passes for whistleblowing in the RTE Canteen. She should name and shame the employee.

  9. Lilly

    I asked my sis who watches the Late Late if she’d seen Sinead and what she thought. ‘Ah she was a dose as usual’ came the verdict. It seems people either hate her or marry her :)

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