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    1. bisted

      …don’t you know who she is Ivan…not just a Senator but an East Galway Senator. Don’t question your betters.

      1. ahjayzis

        Exactly. Respect to the woman who somehow has both a national Senate role AND somehow represents a single constituency in some capacity or other – dog-catcher?

  1. Adam

    A lawless utopia?

    I know Labour claim we’ve made progress, but I think we’re some way off from being the perfect society.

  2. Kevin Keegan


    Can we create employment within Ireland at all Lorraine?We might have to,or do always have to bend over to Europe,big business and the banks?
    She is only interested in talking employment in as much as it keeps her in a job.

  3. CousinJack

    Lorraine – please see nature of riots over last few years in UK, USA, France, Italy, etc, and cop your self on. Perhaps you should be more concerned if these CEO’s note the incompetence and corruption in our politics, and that Irish politicians do not believe that their promises or commitments are binding

  4. Ms Piggy

    If anything would damage our international reputation and discourage foreign investment (the only things she seems to care about), I’d have thought it’d be the fact that our Senators don’t have a good grasp of their own first language. Dear god, this is genuinely depressing.

  5. Soundings

    Other than the intro, this is her entire wiki entry:

    “She unsuccessfully contested the 2009 Local Elections for Galway County Council. She unsuccessfully contested the Galway East constituency at the 2011 general election. In April 2011 she was a candidate for the 2011 Seanad Éireann election on the Industrial and Commercial Panel but was unsuccessful.[3] In May 2011, she was nominated by the Taoiseach Enda Kenny to the 24th Seanad. Higgins unsuccessfully ran as the Labour Party candidate in the Midlands–North-West constituency for the 2014 European Parliament election.”

      1. Medium Sized C

        She is a Labour senator.

        He isn’t rewarding her, he is placating the Junior partner.
        Eamon Gilmore would have been doing the rewarding.

        1. Walter Ego

          I stand corrected. Still my analysis still applies, just different party A lot need to change in politics.

  6. sickofallthisbs

    Where is that FG shill, mister mister, to support these outrageous claims made by the senator? Oh that is right, FG are going to shaft Labour and middle Ireland at every opportunity in the little remaining time they have left in government. Spineless party with a spineless leader.

    1. Original Cynic

      He/She is not going to waste time defending a Labour politician – FG going into full General Election mode from today

  7. ahjayzis

    Diarmuid Ferriter on VinB last week had it exactly right – we’ve been excessively ‘stable’ as a country for too long. The government offer ‘stability’ as an inducement, not prosperity or fairness or equality or even reform – ‘stability’.
    Can’t protest, we’ll look unstable. Can’t play hard ball with our Dungeon Masters in Brussels – we’d look unstable. Can’t baulk at paying someone else’s debts – we’d look shaky. Basically we need to return to the bent system we had that lead us into the bust – only a stability-addict would find that a good idea.

    We need a bit of instability to put vermin like Ms. Higgins on the dole queue and maybe build a decent state.

  8. bobsyerauntie

    Never been a great fan of Miss Higgins, she has been diabolical on Vincent Browne- trying to defend the indefensible- many times. The Irish austerity protests have been mild compared to other countries, she’s obviously from a very sheltered background if she thinks that Ireland has descended into a lawless utopia. I bet she hasn’t ever stepped foot in a disadvantaged area in Ireland . She is the typically out of touch middle class Ireland- the type that has never experienced poverty, rent allowance, disadvantage… she can’t relate to anger at social injustice because she doesn’t understand it and has had no experience of it…

      1. downtowntrain

        Ah now, that’s not entirely fair, she does help out people in local disadvantaged areas. My head is literally spinning with all this hyperbole.

  9. Lawrence Cleary

    I think that the soon-to-be-introduced third (center-right) party just shows you how valuable it is to represent private interest over public interest. There are just too few out there to represent the people. Our greatest hope is social media, at least for now.

  10. Spaghetti Hoop

    A ‘lawless utopia’? OTT language again. Have FG and Labour politicians lost the plot entirely or have they been poison-gassed?

  11. SOMK

    “But what if someone kills somebody else?”
    Gurgeh shrugged. “They’re slap-droned.”
    “Ah! This sounds more like it. What does that drone do?”
    “Follows you around and makes sure you never do it again.”
    “Is that all?”
    “What more do you want? Social death, Hamin; you don’t get invited to too many parties.”
    “Ah; but in your Culture, can’t you gatecrash?”
    “I suppose so,” Gurgeh conceded. “But nobody’d talk to you.”

  12. Drogg

    Bangs head off desk in frustration at her stupidity. Why didn’t we just get rid of the senate reform is never going to happen and it means we would be rid of morons like this.

  13. martco

    maybe she can tell us what sort of weekend she had….I’d like to know what she had for her main course and if the canapes were up to scratch like:


    hopefully she contributed to discussions on useful topics there like how to tackle the rapidly homelessness epidemic developing under her and her colleagues watch

    for someone so well heeled you’re so very disgusting

    1. bobsyerauntie

      Great comment, and echoes exactly what I was saying. It’s seems that politicians like Lorraine Higgins here are so used to getting pampered in places like the four seasons hotel that they forget there are really serious social problems developing. She is the epitome of the class divide in Ireland. Let them eat water meters..

  14. dermo

    Lorraine Higgins may be my favourite unelected public representative. She doesn’t try to hide her stupidity and ignorance. Fair play Lorraine.

  15. downtowntrain

    I wonder is she trolling for more evidence of cyberbullying to help them pass e-policing legislation?

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