You Can’t Win Anything With Kids



IT Carlow SU 600
Cork IT SU 600
University College Cork SU 3500
IT Tralee SU 250
Limerick IT SU 264
Waterford IT SU 450
NUI, Galway SU: 3000
Maynooth Students’ Union: 2500
Galway Mayo IT SU: 1080
IT Sligo SU: 950
St Angela’s College, Sligo SU: 47
Athlone IT SU: 450
Letterkenny IT SU: 220
Dundalk IT SU: 100
St. Patrick’s College, Drumcondra SU – 468
IT Tallaght SU – 700
Dublin City University SU – 800
Trinity College Dublin SU – 3150
IT Blanchardstown – 156
Dublin IT – 750
National College of Ireland SU – 175

Total – 20,210


20,000 new student voters registered (Union of Students In Ireland)

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18 thoughts on “You Can’t Win Anything With Kids

      1. Kieran NYC

        DCU was there too for a while. Can’t remember why.

        Student politics wankers trying to out wank each other, most likely.

    1. buzz o neill

      Thats only in colleges.

      MANY MANY other register to vote campaigns took place over the last number of months.

    1. MPTI

      And voting YES is also another. Some students who will vote NO also registered. Student Unions were using money and resources that were meant for them as well.

      1. pissedasanewt

        Voting can’t get much easier then walking into a room and writing a few numbers in a box unless they produce an app for that. They should make it compulsory or if you don’t vote for 3 or 4 elections you get removed from the register all together. Couldn’t be arsed, don’t get a vote.

        They should improve the voting registration process though. You move, you register to vote somewhere else. You shouldn’t be getting voting cards into every address you ever lived. Regardless how many times you tell them to take you off the register.

        One of those guys called at the door, i said I live here now and take me off the register for my home home address. Voting card still arrived there. Apparently its the responsibility of the local council and they don’t talk to each other.

        1. Sidewinder

          They also take you off the register without informing you though. It’s happened to many people I know, many many times.

          Also voting on a weekday can be hard if you’re a person who has a long commute or travels for work. Or if you work long shifts, or if your local public transport is crap, or if you’re old, or if you have a disability.

          And registration isn’t that easy either. Trying to find an address for where to send the form can be surprisingly hard depending on your council website. And is riddles with errors too.

          In summary – your experience is not the same as everybody else’s experience.

    2. Sidewinder

      I’d say most SUs were sensible enough to encourage them to register at their college address since Ireland insists on voting on a week day.

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