Irish Stocking Filler – For Men


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Designer Fergus O’Neill of Grand Grand writes:

Introducing THE MAN BOX – FOR MEN (I was going to do a LADY BOX – FOR THE LADIES but the only image I could find of a woman smoking a pipe was Peig in full beard, by the fire, and I felt it didn’t connect with today’s young, clean shaven (probably fireless) ladies.) Anyways… The MAN BOX – FOR MEN It’s the MUST HAVE gift of the season for your MAN… be that your dad, brother, husband, boyfriend, grandfather, uncle, aunt or indeed uncle.

The Man Box – For Men €25 (Grand Grand)

Irish Made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish Made Stocking Fillers’. No fees, just a manly handshake.

33 thoughts on “Irish Stocking Filler – For Men

  1. Jock

    I hate everything about this. The tired 1920s “man” design. The grating irishisms to hide the lack of any real content or ideas.

    1. paul m

      the disconnect is between the 1920s pipesmoking, whiskey drinking, wife cheating rapscallion on the box cover and the teatowel, insurance disc holder, sticker and selection of greetings cards inside. Unless you got a present of this with a bottle of whiskey and a pipe then you’re going to be very disappointed. Its like opening a lego box and finding a homework notebook inside.

      i have the grand grand insurance disc holder, i like some of Fergus designs, I just dont think this works as a package at all at all.

      1. Jimmee

        “…wife cheating rapscallion…”

        More like wife beating rapscallion. They beat their wives in the 1920s.

      1. scottser

        a bit steep for an oul mug, no? you’d be better off writing the insult of your choice on a mug nicked from the work canteen.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Agree. This recent commercialisation of Irishisms is all a bit desperate. There are some elements of a colloquial language and slang that don’t sit comfortably or confidently on a Tee-shirt, mug, key-ring, fridge magnet….etc.

      1. AhHereLeaveItOut

        Don’t mind Owen there, he’s just a rude person. I agree with you 100% – BS showcases endless examples of people trying to make a few quid out of exploiting Irish culture with crass, twee, cringeworthy and unimaginative bottom-drawer sh*te like this.

        “A few quick quid by cynically commercialising any remotely nostalgic or vaguely unique aspect of Irish life for dull-witted and easily entertained morons? Ah yeah, go on: gimme a book of Irish slang and a t-shirt printer, then a 90-day trial of photoshop while you’re at it, write down whatever your ma says today, and put ‘Ireland’ into Google Image”

  2. AhHereLeaveItOut

    Tea towel and sticker: crap
    Cards and car thingy: decent (although I suspect there should be a comma after ‘well’)

    Overall: meh/not worth €25

    1. Mani

      Question: Do you think you or your significant other is ‘great craic’?
      A: Yes
      Question: Do you regularly use the word ‘banter’?
      A: Yes

      Then this is the product for you!

  3. Kolmo

    Well Jock, I’m sure your obvious and impressive grasp of the original and innovative novelty will grace our screens in the coming days for us all to purchase…

        1. Jock

          “You thought the latest transformers film was rubbish? Maybe shut up and show us all your 300 million blockbuster. Thought so.”

      1. Godwin's Law Police

        That’s slightly harsh. This gift says that you planned well ahead to shop for cheap twaddle for the recipient/victim. And it will look nicer in the wrapping than the air freshener.

        I like the package and would happily buy it for a fiver in the post christmas sales (because I believe in planning well, well ahead).

        1. Mani

          It’ll compliment the tattoo she got below her navel saying ‘Mani’s Box’ with an arrow pointing down.

  4. tim

    I really wanted to write in to say that “Guard” was spelled wrong, until I typed in “Gaurd” and realised that that was really really wrong, so actually… yeah…

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