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Clayton Samuel (with cap) with his mother and brothers including Ramesh (second right)

It’s a tough one.

Clayton Samuel writes:

Can any of your readers helper or advise me? I wanted my brother Ramesh to come over to Ireland to visit during Christmas holidays so we could celebrate Christmas together. My brother Ramesh works in Dubai UAE . He is a chef and he has been working in Dubai for last 4 years.

Just to give you a little bit of background, I have three elder brothers I am the youngest. I am an Irish Citizen ( Indian Origin ) I have been living in Ireland for the last nine years with my wife and my only son David.

My two elder brothers ( Ravi & Ramesh Samuel) who work in Dubai are Indian passport holders and my third Brother Prathap Samuel he lives in UK he is a UK passport holder. I asked Ramesh to apply for a visit visa just to come over to Ireland for Christmas holidays as we hardly we see each other or have a full family get-together due to the work and the distance. I also sent in supporting documents from Ireland to support his visa application.
His Visit visa was refused by the visa officer’s perception that :
(1) He may not return to Dubai
(2) He may branch into UK.
(5) His Income is not high enough that he can afford to come to Ireland.

We have appealed in writing to the Visa officer in Dubai. I have explained that my wife and I are sponsoring my Brother. I own house Sallins, I am a Bank official and my wife is working for the HSE. We are fully employed and income tax payers in Ireland. In this case Ramesh is going to live with me in my family home free of cost including his flight tickets, meals and transportation will be provided free of cost. I have also given in writing in my appeal letter that if my brother has to present himself on a regular basis to the Immigration officer in Naas Garda station we are more than happy to do this.

It’s eight days since we appealed the refusal.  Can anyone suggest what course of action I might take?


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    1. ahjayzis

      I dunno about that. I think our immigration system is just tougher than we’d normally think it was. I mean most of our experience is with asylum seekers and EU citizens?

      I worked with an American guy in a pub a few years ago. He was discovered to have outstayed his visa and got deported.

      Yes. Ireland deports illegal Americans.

      1. Anti Moan

        The reason he has an Irish citizenship because of scumbags like you can’t work or wont work .
        I am sure you don’t have a brain inside maybe only cabbage … LOL

  1. ahyeah

    Don’t mean to come across as unkind (and I hope this gets resolved for you in time for Christmas) but my advice would be apply a little earlier next year – with this sort of thing, eight days is nothing. You’ll be lucky to get an answer withing eight weeks.

    1. D

      In fairness, he’s an Irish citizen. He shouldn’t have to go through all this to see his brother at Christmas.

    1. Hank

      If you’re a bank official and your wife works for the HSE and you own a house in the local area, your TD will jump at the chance to pull a few strings.

      We’re a great little country..

  2. Odis

    “We have appealed in writing to the Visa officer in Dubai. – How come you are appealing to a visa officer in Dubai? I would have thought the person who makes this sort of decision, is from Ireland.

    Best of luck by the way. (Go with the TD)

    1. Sidewinder

      You get a work visa for the US from the US embassy here don’t you? There’s an Irish embassy in Dubai.

        1. JohnBoy

          Odis is correct. While all initial applications go to the nearest Irish Embassy/Consulate, all APPEALS are dealt with in Dublin.

  3. gallantman

    I noticed a picture of the Sacred Heart and Mary on the wall there behind you. Emphasise that more and civil service Bridie will have the visa issued before her eleven o’clock tea and custard cream break tomorrow morning.

  4. Edel McGinley

    Clayton, please come into the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland, 37 Dame St Dublin 2, open Mon, Tues, Thursday – 10am to 4pm and we can provide you with further assistance. Edel

  5. singingdetective

    If you can put yourself personally in front of someone that will save you a lot of time – everything in writing just takes forever in these processes. A real-live person has a tendency to be able to cut through the red-tape. Best of luck to you all anyway and have a happy Christmas no matter what happens!

      1. PaddyIrishMan

        Why would he go the UAE’s embassy in Dublin? What do they have to do with it? The trip is to ireland not the UAE….

  6. lawless Frilly Keane

    Here’s what ya do Clayton.

    Book flights to Dubai
    And spend Christmas and New Year there

    BTW. Are you named after the lad on Dallas?
    Grand singer he was.

  7. madouveh on the dole

    Plenty of Fat Irish chicks on the game, looking for husband. Give him a GAA jersey and sent him to Copperface Jacks.

  8. V-bomb

    Tell your brother to go here, an hours drive from Dubai:

    Embassy of Ireland
    2 Khalifa Al Suwaidi Development
    Road 19 off 32nd Street
    Al Bateen
    P.O. Box 61581
    Abu Dhabi
    United Arab Emirates

    Ph: +971 (0)2 4958200
    Fax: +971 (0)2 6819233

    Embassy Ramadam
    Public Office Hours:
    Sun-Thu 09:30 – 13:00

  9. Brendan E

    the problem as you are saying lies with the immigration in dubai, is that correct?, if so then has he tried getting a cheap jet airways flight to india and then from there going to ireland via India Qatar, obviously the same route needs to be used on the way back, if he works for a reputable hotel in dubai has he tried getting an approval letter from them

  10. Owen

    My partner is not Irish and not from the EU. Trying to sort out visas brings a terrible mind field of poor websites, lengthy documents and scammers. There are also limited phone numbers available, and the few times you get to speak to someone they tend not to have a clue what you are on about. And yes, Irish boarder control is actually quite intense, they just don’t have a show about it.

    Some thoughts, perhaps of use.

    Issue 1. – Does he have anything in Dubai that would support his return (eg. Kids or property).
    Issue 2. – No idea how to resolve this. UK boarder control by ferry is non-existent. Perhaps detail you have no family in the UK and revert back to issue 1 reasons.
    Issue 5. – Transfer money into his account (say 2000, if you have it) and get him to send a bank statement to show he has the money to support himself, then also detail he will have no costs while here etc.

    Sadly, no useful facts for you, just thoughts and empathy. Hope it works out for you.

  11. Eeejit

    Get in touch with your local TD, they can make a submission. We Irish often like to complain about nasty string pulling politics but aren’t shy about using it when it suits us.

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