5 thoughts on “Spare A Thought

  1. John E. Bravo

    Unless there was no badge in the window, all I’m seeing is the left flank of a four wheel drive parked stupidly on a hatched area meant to be kept clear for people with disabilities exiting their vehicle on the drivers’ side. Maybe that’s what I’m meant to be seeing and if so, I love the risqué composition.

  2. Niamh

    Yeah, what’s the craic with the vehicle on the right? They shouldn’t be there and have forced the van in the disabled spot to park over the lines in order to get out.

  3. Rs

    Who’s the plank who parked on the reserved hatched area. That eliminates the disabled spot effectively. And the plank taking the picture is taking similar pictures at all disabled park areas of taxes with the disabled disk displayed. Would the plank taking the picture tell us if the van was displaying a disk? He seems to have overlooked that small issue to publish a picture. Just typical of the protestors who all want me to continue paying for their water.

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