YOUR Happy Pets Of Xmas



Lois in  Dublin writes:

Our Macy just loves Christmas and she not pleading to be set free .


James Chimney writes:

Currently roaming around Chimney Towers. Styled by Mrs. Chimney. Poor, poor Buster.


Kate Larkin writes:

“Just come on and take the stupid photo!” – ‘Stan’ Larkin

Cliona de Paor writes:

Belle, preparing to decorate the tree…


Lorraine Ward writes:

Rocco J Ward in his lovely Christmas jumper.

trevor's dog

Trevor Larkin’s dog.



Lorna Power writes:

Erwin Schrödinger’s Christmas spirit is simultaneously alive and dead.Yes that is his name and yes it does sound ridiculous when you call him on the street or when he gets sent post.


Alan Conroy writes:

Poor Parnell, I leave him alone for half a day and this is what happens to him

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15 thoughts on “YOUR Happy Pets Of Xmas

  1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    Interesting fact, Alan Conroy. Though when I say interesting, I might be misinterpreting the word. ANYWAY, Charles Stuart Parnell used to go NUTS at the way we pronounced his surname. Apparently it’s pronounced PARnell, not parNELL.

    1. Histo-malisto

      This made me laugh heartily in the office. Thank you.

      And yes, I can confirm that the man himself preferred to be called PARnell and not parNELL, although try getting on a bus to Parnell square by pronouncing it the former way and I guarantee you’ll get a funny look off the driver.

      While we’re on the subject of names, it’s considered polite in Parnell circles to refer to his wife as Katherine O’Shea. ‘Kitty’ was a pejorative term used by anti-Parnellites as it had connotations of female genitalia in the salacious days of the 1890s. Tim Healy was most fond of using misogynistic innuendo when referring to Mrs O’Shea.

  2. Manta Rae

    My brain must be riddled with holes after years of alcohol abuse, cos I’m sitting here giggling like a drunken imbecile at these pics…

  3. lawless Frilly Keane

    Ah would ya look

    They even have the decorations up n’all

    And ahead of the Toy Show too

    Ho Ho Ho everyone
    Even Mani the Grinch. Ya can’t stop it now….

    1. Mani

      Eh, I love Christmas. Thinking of all those elderly people alone, staring at pictures of family members long gone or no longer in touch. And, oh look….the pilot light has gone out and they’ve no carbon monoxide alarm. On the happiest day of the year and all.

      Lovely stuff.

  4. Tarara

    The photo of Stan (in that beautiful kitchen) would be perfect if it were not for the bottle of Dettol in the background. I like the look of Erwin too, apart form the fact that he’s on the kitchen counter, perhaps that photo should feature more Dettol. Seriously though, pets loving Christmas makes me happy.

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