12 thoughts on “Have We Lost The True Meaning Of Xmas?

    1. huppenstop

      I agree, most of these answers are fine. I’m not sure if the makers were hoping for hilariously off the wall answers. The only way off one was giving 1000BC as his birth year, from my quick viewing.

  1. Karl

    Any answer is correct when answering these questions. It’s a fairy tale, with multiple versions depending on which religion you lap up. There are no facts here.

    1. ouzbek

      And what about Santa? D’you know where he was born Santa? Is he a relative of Jesus or one of his hidden bro’?

    2. Alfred E. Neumann

      There is plenty of information about Jesus, and a lot of it has been untangled from religious belief. You might start with the work of JD Crossan, or just google “historical Jesus”.

      1. well

        If he was real there was nothing magical about him. Maybe he was peaceful as long as you weren’t a fig tree.

        1. Alfred E. Neumann

          I’m not sure how peaceful he was, actually. There may have ben good imperial reasons to execute him. But of course you’re right, there was nothing magical about him. It’s weird that this even needs to be said.

          But denying the existence of a well-attested historical figure because RELIGION is just as wrong as claiming that a long-dead Israeli agitator could ferment water.

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