Dubliner Duncan Cambell, winner of the 2014 Turner Prize

So this year the big Turner Prize,
Goes to one of our own arty guys,
It’s a shame that he ain’t,
One to sit down and paint,
He does modern art, which I despise.

John Moynes


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20 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. DON

    Ahh the internet where a 100% good news story about a globally successful artist is celebrated by saying we despise his artform – hurrah!

  2. YourNan

    you should for for the Senatorial career like fellow slackjawed Senator Marie-Louise O’Donnell who has no truck for modern art.

  3. Kevin Keegan

    Apparently the most dull year for the Turner prize.Not even the KLF would offer an alternative prize

  4. spork

    well done duncan!

    a wee lesson for john moynes, who seems like an arse.

    “modern art” is a period which ended over 30 years ago. it included painting.

    i do like the fact that you chose to celebrate your ignorance through the medium of a limerick though.

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