2010 All At Once


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The year 2010 recorded in a composite image of 3,888 photographs taken by Erik Solheim from the window of his apartment in Oslo.

Solheim set up his Canon 400D to record one image every 30 minutes: 16,000 photographs  whittled down to 3,888 from each of which he extracted a one-pixel wide line, then composited the lot (from January on the left to December on the right) using a computer script.

Full sized image here.

The source imagery was later turned into a rolling gif by ReditorITwitchToo.


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3 thoughts on “2010 All At Once

  1. Kevin Keegan

    every now and again theres an unsettling blip or jump in the film.Sort of throws the experience momentarily.Was it enviormental or did the camera move or was it a editorial choice?


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