10 thoughts on “Everyone Stay Cool

  1. Dhaughton99

    Calm down.

    News agency Interfax Ukraine said the problem had occurred at bloc No 3 – a 1,000-megawatt reactor – and the resulting lack of output had worsened the power crisis in the country. Interfax added that the bloc was expected to come back on stream on Dec. 5.

  2. Grouse

    Lads, if the news conference already happened by the time you make this post, then maybe you should link to some information on it rather than this alarmist bullsh*t.

    I mean, you’re aware this is irresponsible, right?

  3. rotide

    Lads, there’s a nuclear fusion chain reaction occuring that is completely out of control and will not stop until it has exhausted all possible fuel going on RIGHT NOW in our very near neighbourhood.

    I can’t believe new media is ignoring this hazard as much as old media does.

  4. balls

    As usual, the only people up in arms about it are the people annoyed that something’s being reported on. Noone’s freaking out other than you, so quit telling NOONE to calm down.

  5. CousinJack

    Don’t worry nuclear accidents lead to very few deaths, no ascribed to 3 mile island or whinscale incidents, less than 50 from chernobyl.
    Lets not let facts interfer with the hysteria

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