In Carmel, California.

Joe Langlan writes:

Walked into a nice bar (an Irish bar called Brophy’s) in a nice town in California (Carmel) just now, read the cocktail list and my jaw literally dropped open.

I suppose we can have Al Qaeda cocktails in American bars at home so..

Would blow the head off you in fairness.

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52 thoughts on “Uh Ah

  1. McBlurgle

    Ira in the states refers to some kind of pension scheme. I’m sure this name just refers to topping up one of those.

  2. Soundings

    Vodka topped with bacon….mmmmm.

    As for IRA, for most in US, IRA are or were freedom fighting rebels, much like the mujahadeen in Afghanistan when Russia invaded or Contras in Nicaragua or ANC in South Africa. Get over it.

  3. Kin Kong Ovo

    Ah God, were you okay after you saw this Joe? I hope you’ll get through it with the support of friends and family.

  4. NiloMcD

    Poor Joe indeed. Make it out of Carmel in one piece annd with your jaw intact. Carmel has many other, less “offensive” bars.

  5. Gene c

    An American pal of mine made the mistake of ordering two ‘car bombs'(glass of Guinness with a shot of Jaegermeister since you ask) in a Dublin pub. The barman frowns and dutifully goes about his business. Comes back to our visitor with two tall thin glasses in hand with a clear spirit within. Sets the two sambucas alight and invites our friends to enjoy their ‘twin towers’. True story.

      1. Gene C

        Well so he told me about 6 weeks ago over pints in the The Stags Head. He didn’t seem the type to fabricate an anecdote just for laughs/kudos, unlike myself now I think of it.

  6. Clampers Outside!

    Can’t wait to try the new, not listed, ‘Twin Towers’ cocktail served in a tall slim jim glass… always order two for the full effect… and with a little mashed plane stuck on the rim of the glass like an umbrella and liquid nitrogen for the smoke effect.
    It’s just amazing! Nobody knows what’s in it – tastes like “airplane fuel” said one punter. “Explosive cocktail” said another. All for the brilliant price of US$29.96


  7. Spaghetti Hoop

    Hardly offensive though is it? And very little outrage has erupted over the ‘Black and Tan’.

    I think folk need to take their drink names with a pinch of salt.

    And a wedge of lime….

    1. rotide

      the black and tan has been a staple since i was a chisler and there’s never been much kerfuffle over that.

      I’ve seen multiple places in the US offering Irish Car Bombs and the most offensive thing about them is the taste.

      people REALLY need better things to be offended by.

          1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

            No. That’s my personal space you’re trying to invade.
            You just can’t stop offending me, can you?

          2. rotide

            I’d like a hug.

            I’ve asked Anne and Don repeatedly, they just won’t go for it. I’d ask Fluffy, but clampers would kill me.

          3. Anne

            Ah come on, you’re taking charity to a whole new level now..
            Next he’ll be wanting a ride, coz it’s Christmas..

      1. rotide


        Yet the ordering of Black and Tan’s the country (and world) over continues unabated.

        grow a pair.

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