At The Tap Table



From left, Ruth Coppinger TD, Pearse Doherty TD, artist Robert Ballagh, Richard Boyd Barrett TD and Seamus Healy TD.

Mark writes:

Political affiliates of the Right 2 Water Campaign holding  a press conference in Buswell’s Hotel {Molesworth Street, Dublin] today to coincide with the beginning of the debate on the Water Services Bill 2014 and to further outline plans for the demonstration at the Dail on 10th December.


(Mark Stedman/Photocall ireland)

14 thoughts on “At The Tap Table

    1. Bejayziz

      It’s ridiculous, the success of the Saturday protests should have been obvious to them, most people cant protest on a bloody work day and the weekends of December are sacred to the government considering how much they are worth to the economy so it would have sent a more powerful message to shut the city down on one of the busiest shopping days of the year namely the next two Saturdays

      1. offMooof

        There is a large protest this Saturday at 1pm, the one on Wednesday will be running for 24 hours plenty are coming along after work and plenty more are booking time off to attend.

        1. Happy Molloy

          I can’t wait for it. I’ll be highly amused at the massive minority who do show up and claim that they speak for all of Ireland.

  1. mauriac

    Ruth Coppinger repeatedly mentioned totally encircling the Dail.the rumour starts here : putsch ,march on Rome , November 1917…

    1. louislefronde

      Oh Great, a fine collection of Marxists….

      Sorry but these people don’t deserve any political capital.

      1. italia'90

        Do you know what you sound like?
        Here’s my least worst impression…
        neh neh neh neh neh neh and repeat.

        Now go back to bed ya little rapscallion.
        and turn off that puter!

  2. Kieran NYC

    I’d say it was a mistake for them to wait so long between major protests. The government have fudged some kind of ‘fix’ on the situation, it’s moved off the front pages and news, people are more focused on Christmas and other things…

    The momentum has probably been lost a little. Would have been much more devastating if they had kept up a major protest every Saturday, week-in, week-out. Harder to whip people back up into a frenzy.

    Guess we’ll know next week.

    1. Quint

      Agree. Most people have accepted the capped charges and have moved on apart from a handful of those aligned with the looney Left and SF.

      1. Frilly Christmas Everyone*

        Dunno Quint

        But if they’re an’ting like me they’ll be more determined than ever to see this Government backtrack and skid arse up on their own slimey spin.

        The games up
        Joan is only hanging tough to ensure her Tainiste pension
        Edna and Noonan couldn’t give a ück what happens in the polls
        Neither do Quinn and Rabbit or Howlin for that matter

        Where does that leave the rest of ’em?

  3. Chuckenstein

    Kieran NYC is 100% right. Sometimes a drum is banged so often that people get so used to it that they forget what it is about. This is the case here. Richard Boyd Barrett, in particular, rants and raves so much in the Dáil that even those on the same page as him must lose track.

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