22 thoughts on “Meanwhile On Castle Street

    1. ahyeah

      No it’s not.

      I’m looking at the steps of the Rates Office (at the end of Castle Street, just on Cork Hill) right now and, as is often the case, there’s plain to see dealing going on. Same two guys have been there since 10.30, with “clients” arriving every 5-10 minutes. Not a Guard in sight and none have even passed in the last two hours.

      This has been happening most days for the past 18 months. First month or two, I phoned Pearse Street. Usual “we’ll send someone over”. Nobody ever came. I don’t bother phoning anymore.

  1. Kevin

    The Garda Traffic Corps a hundred metres away in Dublin Castle…not that they’d be on patrol there but they’re usually in and out those routes all day!

  2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    There used to be a surveillance shop there, but I’m not sure if there is anymore.

    Rotten luck, whoever owns that car. I wonder if it was pure vandalism or were there items inside on show?

  3. Stella

    Used to live on Castle St. every few weeks there is a car with glass around it because some chump trying to steal radio/phone/briefcase…. Gardai need to put cameras on the street to catch whoever it is because im sure its the same person/group every time!!

    1. Sean

      I’m going to bring them all into my house for the winter. I’ve been feeling very guilty since I read that it was my fault that one of them died the other night. I was so busy running a business, keeping people employed and paying taxes/rates/bullshit while looking after my family and contributing to society and charity that I didn’t realize I was a murder. I must atone for my sins. Its hard being being middle-class.

    2. ahyeah

      Nice that you take time out of your day to blithely reduce a man’s death to a facile remark.

      There’s quite a difference between loving homeless heroin addicts and objecting to a situation/society where someone is literally left to die on the street.

      1. Padi

        Fair point on the way the comment was made but I think people are tiring of the constant rush to blame the State (which is just people like us) for all ills. In my opinion, each person controls there destiny far more than any interaction with agencies and services of the State ever will. This does not in any way take from the sad death of anyone.

      2. Paolo

        The guy had every opportunity in life and fecked up. He also refused to go to shelters. He must take the vast majority of responsibility for where his life ended up. You take responsibility for your actions. Don’t you?

          1. Paolo

            He had two houses bought for him and he sold both of them. At what point is he no longer responsible for his own actions?


            There are people who really have been failed by the state and by the people around them but Jonathan Corrie was not one of them. I’m not convinced that he would be terribly happy about being politicised in the way he has been.

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