14 thoughts on “You May Shtop This

  1. Mister Mister

    So they want fordenrs who live here to pay for the water, and the Oirish to sponge of the fordeners ?

  2. RF

    When did people start talking like this? Is it bashically mandatory now if you’re not a Dub? Irish Water probably just need to sell people a vision of themselves via a fake bogger in an ad.

    1. Mikeyfex

      Since always, and no, not even close.

      Also, bashically just doesn’t work. As a beginner, just keep it simple and only insert the ‘h’ between an ‘s’ and a ‘t’.

      Some examples; see if you can see why some have the bog-hoppin’ ‘h’ and some don’t:
      My mate Shtevey
      The planet Saturn
      My toe is bushted
      You see?

      As you advance you’ll learn there are some exceptions to the rule and it also depends on how emotive what you’re saying is. For instance you’d be perfectly right to say ‘I’m going to the swimming pool for a shwim’. But you wouldn’t say, ‘I like to shwim’. Adding the ‘h’ in the first sentence there lets the listener know that you like to swim. You’ll also notice that swimming pool was spelled the normal way too. You COULD put the ‘h’ in there too but the person you’re talking to may not believe that you’re going to an actual swimming pool. You may as well wink while you’re saying it.

      1. RF

        Maybe “bashically” is the sign of the plastic bogger then, I’ve heard that plenty. Glad you seem to acknowledge that people choose to talk this way though :)

        1. Mikeyfex

          I acknowledge it because I’m not one of those people; I just work with them. :) For me, it’s charming in older people and a little disappointing in younger people, though I’m sure other people have different opinions.

          1. trobuff

            It really has always happened. The “sh” sound comes from Irish. For example, ‘briste’ is pronounced ‘brish-teh’.

  3. talkshowhostess

    I love this!!! But then I am from Galway and I know a couple of the lads in this, so I am biased… that will be in me head for a while I think!

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