Sabrina writes:

This is Boo getting into the festive spirit.


Irene F writes:

Loki, the Christmas Hater Lover.


Ciara writes:

Here’s GingerNut getting into the spirit of things :-


David B writes:

This is my cat, Mr. Bond. If he looks angry, it’s because his Santa jacket doesn’t fit any more, not because I spent an hour trying to balance a hat on his head.

edieDanielle writes:

Lil’ Edie doing her best ‘please sir, can I have some more?’ face


Owen writes:

Walter throwing us evils.


Annie W writes:

Brie just realised there’s only 18 shopping days until Christmas and she hasn’t even bought an outfit for the office Christmas party at the dogs…


Does your pet love yule as much as these scamps above? My pet at Xmas marked ‘My Pet At Xmas’ to broadsheet@broadsheet,ie

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5 thoughts on “Aww Humbug

  1. pedeyw

    That cat in no. 4 has that look of pure straight contempt. Illustrates why Cats>Dogs. No doggie, as adorable as they may be would have the balls to give the food provider that look.

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