19 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Kilgarvan

  1. Jess

    You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead.

    You should however, speak ill of self serving constituents who can’t tell the difference between a TD and a councillor.

    1. pissedasanewt

      All TD’s are glorified Councillors . You won’t stay elected for very long if you head to Dublin and go on some power trip trying to improve the whole country rather then your little patch. You were elected by your people to serve your people..

  2. f-mong

    eh, is Paul Byrne wondering around the church taking random snaps of things on his phone?

    wow, stay classy TV3… I’m amazed they didn’t ask him to open the casket and get a selfie with JHR

    1. ScareySarahCarey

      Before the the last local elections my mam’s best friend’s niece died.

      One of the Healy-Raes turned up at the wake and used it as an opportunity to canvass spending almost an hour hanging around the house, before they fecked off.

      If i had to wage I would say that the odds are fairly high that he was invited by someone in the family with an eye on the next general election.

  3. ScareySarahCarey

    Despite people thinking the Healy-Raes are widely popular in Kerry, the last time Jackie ran for office only 1 in 9 of the electorate in Kerry South voted for him and he only barely got elected.

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