26 thoughts on “Day Trip!

    1. One Dub

      It’s actually a lovely way to save a few bob, if you think about it.
      I hope they all have Leap Cards too, ‘cos that way it’s even cheaper.

    2. Mark Dennehy

      Yeah, because if it wasn’t for this IW protest, those Gardai wouldn’t have trained up, entered the force, been equipped and deployed and put on the bus. They’d be working in other jobs as nurses or firemen or engineers or pharmacists or teachers.

      And let me tell you, if you think it’s easy to train a busload of recruits to operational gardai overnight, you’re wrong! Cost a shedload, that did…

  1. DON

    They are off to the Dail There is a demonstration against the water charges, well not really, it is the politics of protest I mean 160 a year isnt too bad is it? You know whats worse a SF / PBP govt mess

    1. ahjayzis

      If there was ever a time that the politics of protest was needed it’s been the last seven years of outright theft and mismanagement.

      I mean, Joe Higgins and Boyd Barrett would have to get up pretty early to cost us as many billions as the kind of government you’re obviously supporting. In fact, Gerry’s clan takes money FROM banks. \

      Roll on change, even if it’s a bit more chaotic, it can’t be as unjust and morally corrupt as the status quo.

  2. Steve

    From rte:

    Campaigners against water charges say 12 private buses have been hired to accommodate those travelling from Galway to Dublin for today’s protest.

    People hiring a private bus to travel to a protest against the possibility of privatising water services. A little ironic.

    They should have taken bus eireann.

      1. Dubloony

        How much is the bus ride?

        For single person (and any number of kids) water is capped at €60 per year / €5 per month.

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