Meanwhile, On Merrion Street


Right2Water protest



The Irish Water protest around Merrion Square, Dublin this afternoon

Thanks Barbara McCarthy, Graeme Kelly, Stephen Maher, Sam Boaland Brainer


B4fw_dLIEAA_4hJ Merrion Square this lunchtime Thanks Mark Donaghy kImKjWX Spotted at the bottom of Grafton Street.

(Thanks Skerries)

The sinister fringe in Merrion Street.

Thanks Gaffy Stewen


(Thanks Wafflewaitress)

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54 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Merrion Street

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Literally only found it and so far Lorcan Collins & Gerry Adams have made speeches. I don’t know the Agenda today and who the full list of speakers are and who they represent. I find the atmosphere interesting…..

        1. ReproBertie

          It irritates me no end when there’s a massive public protest and it ends up with a bunch of the usual politicians giving speeches. The people aren’t marching for you so fupp off.

      2. louislefronde

        Ah Sinn Fein, so predictable – Anti-British in Northern Ireland, Anti-EU in the south… Imagine what Ireland would be like under an isolationist Sinn Fein?

        Of course, they’d never be ‘officially’ be Anti-American too – because America is where they get their money from (when it isn’t stolen, or doesn’t come from the proceeds of extortion, diesel laundering etc)

        But of course, people have short memories….

    1. Owen

      Thanks Hoop, but what a let down to hear Gerry harping on about ‘a new republic’. Piggy backing clown. Using this to suit his own agenda.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Cheers Hoop, was looking for one of those :)

      I wanted to see how the Sinn Fein *bandwagonism… I mean, voter recruitment drive was going.

      * Why bandwagonism? The Shinners put in place the system to privatise water in the North. Mary Lou and co were fine about charges a few months ago, then they realised there be votes to be conned and changed their tune.

      ‘Tis how I see it, so it is, so it is

    1. martco

      far as I can see on the west side of merrion sq facing govt buildings there’s about 2 people per m2 by my rec.
      wide cross-section young and old
      I had to leave the area down to Pearse st to get a proper signal, interestingly emobile just went off the air for a bit not jammed, just OFFLINE (mayby a bit sinister, wha? haha ;)
      …..mostly Austerity Alliance and PBP from what I see in the thick of it and they were both signing up a lot of people at makeshift desks (maybe you’re fupped Enda, go ahead and ring Angela and Goldman now like a good fella)….yes some Sinn Fein but in the minority in that immediate area but saw another crowd mainly SF from looks of it marching to GPO which not sure if on agenda…
      no anger or violence just an awful lot of determined people

    2. Lorcan Nagle

      the RTÉ live feed says the Gardai are refusing to estimate. Different spokespeople for anti-water charge groups have said 70-80K or 100K

      1. Happy Molloy

        of course they did, been there a couple of times but no where near 100k, 50k at the very most.
        just think of a croke park crowd and compare, it’s not even close

        1. martco

          delusional or blinkered…just like your current government I guess

          sorry you didn’t get those low numbers you hoped for, dear oh dear the optics

          I can’t wait to see kennys face when he fails to keep even his own seat come GE time, can you?

  1. Bingo

    Don’t have the time to protest, just not gonna register with IW or pay any bill until they threaten to jail me.

  2. JunkFace

    The local businesses scuttle in there with their advertisements like rats, on a day when people are standing up for what they see as a human right. Ugh! Ireland is becoming an obnoxious hole. They never miss a chance to sell some sh1t

    “I can’t afford to pay the water charges, but maybe I need some new Golf gear”.

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