The Flowing Tide


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Scenes from today’s Irish Water protest from Random Ireland Photos, including Glan Hansard and Damien Dempsey (above),  Catherine Murphy TD (second last pic) and Brendan Ogle of Right2Water (third last pic).

Randomer writes:

He may have insisted earlier today that nothing will change if even 50,000 people turned up today. However, despite even Right2Water organiser Brendan Ogle suggesting recently about 30,000 would turn up, many more than that have already arrived and are attending today’s anti-water charges protest.
Estimates of the crowd now are in the region of between 70,000 and 100,000 – packed into streets around Merrion Square and Leinster House, which is sealed off by a mixture of steel barriers and gardai. Alan Kelly has insisted nothing will change on water charges even if 50,000 people turn out for the protest today. Speakers at the even so far have been Ogle himself, Independent TD Clare Daly and Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams.
Perhaps said while anticipating a much smaller crowd, Minister Kelly made it very clear earlier – while speaking sat the front of Leinster House a few 100 metres away from the water protest site on Merrion Square – the package of changes he announced in the Dail last month was not only ‘fair and balanced’ but will also not be changed. In echoes of Margaret Thatcher’s ‘this lady’s not for turning’, he told journalists: ‘We have to go down this route, There simply is no other route. I am quite content in relation to where we are at and where we will go. I am satisfied that this will be delivered. I don’t envisage anything changing in relation to the package at all. I sleep on my pillow at night wanting to make sure I do the right thing. People who are cynical might not think that is true. I am quite content and happy about the package that has been put together… People get obsessed about elections all the time.There is too many of the people behind me – of the 166 TDs – who are continuously obsessed with elections. Elections happen, elections come and go. What will be will be.’

Random Irish Photos

37 thoughts on “The Flowing Tide

    1. ReproBertie

      That’s the same Brendan Ogle that liked to shut down Irish Rail and ESB to try and stir the populace into a socialist revolution.

    2. Rob_G

      I don’t have a lot of time for Brendan Ogle – threatening power cuts in the run up to Xmas, when the ESB workers he was representing were earning an average of €90K.

      1. Tonyc

        Brendan Ogle’s next campaign is right to Trains and right to electricity. He is an absolute Hypocrite , doesn’t mind depriving the population of trains or electricity only water.

    3. Frilly Keane

      An exceptional Trade Unionist

      And more of the John Reid Labour

      A bit like meself tbh.

      Join the Shinners Ogie
      Get elected
      And get a Jnr Ministry for yerself

  1. Randy Ewing

    Country Folks in anti ‘tax’ rally shocker.

    Sure just dont pay it like the other taxes you ignore and let the dublin tax payers fund your unprofitable farms !

    1. Rob_G

      A lot of people who live on farms already pay for their water through group water schemes, Mr Smarty Pants, so you picked an unfortunate example to illustrate urban-to-rural transfers.

    2. Quisling

      If I recall correctly, some years ago Dublin-dwellers protested loudly at having to pay the refuse charges the rest of the country had been paying for years. First check facts, then take to keyboard.

      1. Anne

        Ironic too considering the plans to pump water from the Shannon to supply Dublin.

        I was never called a culchie in my life, ’till I heard it from a Dub.. (not that a single fupp was given really) Pr*cks always find something to feel superior about.

          1. Mikeyfex

            Your lot used to call me a culchie, Anne, before I moved into the city. Now I’m there 12 years and I happily call those deserving of it culchies. It’s a state of mind, you see. My housemate’s from Swords and he’s ten times the cake I ever was.

            Actual quotes from within the last week from him

            ‘no, no Oi’ve never watched a bleedin subtoitled mewvie, ya jokin?’
            ‘whatcha want fookin lemon in a beer for?’
            ‘she wants me to make bleedin sweet potato for her, she can shove it up her hole. Sweet potato!?’

            The racist sh!t is unbearable from him too.

            Point anyway, it needs defining, because in my book you could point out anyone and argue their culchie credentials.

          2. Anne

            “Point anyway, it needs defining, because in my book you could point out anyone and argue their culchie credentials”

            True Mikey. To some in Dubland, by definition if you’re outside Dubland you’re a culchie… That’s grand with me really. I’m a culchie and proud.. a big wh*ring, culchie sl*apper, ridin’ all the farmers’ equipment out in da bogs.. :)

            Whatcha want fookin lemon in a fookin beer for anyway! :)

  2. General Waste

    Ugh, Brendan Ogle. An anti-democratic defender of cosseted (trade union) fat cats. Not to mention Chief Paedo Protecters Jarry and gormless folkies Hansard and Dempsey. Jesus this protest is dispiriting and depressing.

    1. Atlas

      Damian Dempsey’s always been a self-avowed shinner, but I’m surprised and disappointed by Glen Hansard. That said, I like them both for their music not their political views, so I’m not sure this bothers me too much.

    1. The super

      Well said) brings a smile, the times are finally changing and Limerick you’re indeed a lady, best looking women in the world, by a long shot

      1. One Dub

        …best looking women…

        Eh, excuse me?
        I’ll say this for them, they do make a fair stab at it., but the women of Limerick will only ever be ‘the best-looking’ women in Limerick when there’s no tourists around.

        But hey, whatever you’re into.

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