Map Of The Dublin Heart






The second edition of the wildly popular This Is Dublin map by the crack designers at Workhouse.

PLUS a spanking all-colour edition.

Richard at Workhouse, writes:

As we were still getting requests for the original almost 2 years after they sold out we decided to make a second edition. This edition employs the same lovely quality of the original but with several new tiles and printed in A2 rather than the larger A1 size.

For those who prefer their Dublin homages to have more colour we have also created a new colour version. The new versions (along with all our other Dublin posters) is available from our website, direct from our office on Dame Street D2 or from the lovely people at Designist on South Gt. Georges St.

We have one of each to giveaway to two Broadsheet readers who can tell us what Dublin  icons deserve to be in the third edition?

Lines Must close at 6.15

This Is Dublin – second edition 

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’. No fee just a cheery ‘thumbs aloft’.


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28 thoughts on “Map Of The Dublin Heart

  1. Roj

    Ricks burgers, Beshoff’s fish n chips n crispy bits…
    The George/Bingo@the George

    (ya see, gay people like greasy food too!)

  2. John E. Bravo

    I never noticed it before but Dublin looks quite like France sat on top of a backwards England. Good job Dublin. Vive les bleus.

  3. Frilly Keane

    Mr Dice Man
    Also no longer with us, the original triangle in Ranelagh
    The Oscar Wilde Statue on Merrion Square
    The Bridge that brings ya from the back of the Pepper Cannister to the back of Smyth’s
    The roof of Heuston Station from the end of the platform

    1. RBW

      If you spent 5 minutes looking at the site you would have seen:
      Designed by Workhouse
      Original concept by Draplin
      But feel free to accuse people of stealing ideas if it makes you happy.

  4. Disgrace

    The Virgin Megastore
    The City Imp bus
    The Commitments
    Irish Yeast Co.
    Sweneys Chemist
    AC Boles Chemist (Inchicore & Dolphin Barn)
    Bohemians FC

  5. singingdetective

    I think you have to get The Barge in Portobello in there somewhere, along with ‘a hint of a canal’. And the US embassy has become weirdly iconic to Dubliners over the years, and instantly recognisable.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      YES – the Onion Tower! Used to love looking at that when a nipper. I would dream that more towers would be built resembling other vegetables…Carrot Tower, Parsnip Tower, Leek Tower…


    Dartmouth Square, Baggott Street Bridge, Captain America’s, Leeson Street Bridge, Davy Byrnes. ..ah here- I’m dying of homesickness…!

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