Orla McD writes:

Here’s the appropriately named Holly, reluctantly posing with a pair of antlers. Holly says… ‘Adopt a rescue dog, don’t buy!’ Or she would, if she stopped talking about what Santa is bringing her for Christmas…


Carla D writes:

Cassie the rescue dog wondering if it was worth it being rescued


Cormac McC writes:

Bella unimpressed


….Jennifer N writes:

Peanut can’t wait for Santa


John Q writes:

Here’s CJ ‘helping’ with the Lights…

Does you pet adore Yule like these happy dogs above. Pets at Xmas marked My Pet At Xmas to

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1 thought on “Nearly There

  1. Frilly Keane

    Lads, My baba is going to Eily for her hair do tomorrow
    Don’t any of ye dare to share her thread when I get her inta BS

    I mean it

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