Ulster Skateboarding


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Niall Neeson writes:

“Welcome to the first of two Brian Lotti edits from our international gang of marauders, as we linked up with the Belfast crew for a few days of rampaging around old haunts. From there, our adventure took us up through County Antrim to Portrush, right on the north coast, for a solid day of street skating in glorious sunshine.”

“Morning would come too early and we would find ourselves putting in the hard yards to cross Lough Foyle and into the majesty and mystery of County Donegal where we once again had hospitality to take your breath away from skaters and old ladies alike.”

“Running the gauntlet of storms we crammed in some schoolyard sessions and stopped the traffic once or twice before easing out across the lakelands of Fermanagh and across the entire country to Dublin. That, however, is a story for next week; right now enjoy some lesser-spotted skateboarding from the backstreets and backyards of Ulster.”

40 Shades: Bobby Worrest and friends in Ireland (Redbull.com)

Thanks Colm

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      1. Mick Flavin

        I am going to stalk each of the individuals involved in this video, break into their houses and stand over them as they sleep. Just as their sleep seems soundest, I’m going to go about them with a crowbar, shouting “Dah Dah Doodoodoodoodoodoodoo”…

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