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  1. Soundings

    Might be the one time of the year to buy the Sun, for €1 and not have to shell out €1.65 for the smug RTE guide. Does it still do Page Three stunnas?

  2. Soundings

    Can anyone shed any light on the story in the Irish Times about the Garda who has been accused and convicted of scamming an ATM machine.


    The IT writes “Det Superintendent John Keane said Geelan used his own pin code, the requested amount was dispensed in full and compromised three €50 notes and a €20 note. Det Supt Keane said he “manipulated the notes and took €150” and he left the €20 in the machine’s dispensing tray.”

    Compromised? Ah, remember the good auld days when the IT had subeditors? It still does? No?

    The Judge said it was a trick that “one could learn”

    So, can we all go the ATM today, withdraw €100 which is likely to be paid out in 2x€50s and just lightly take one of the €50s and allow the other one to be retracted into the ATM? Your bank account will be debited €100 today but on Monday morning, you’ll get a full refund because the banks can’t count how much has been retracted, just that a retraction has taken place?

    I feel reluctant to post the above which might entice people into criminality, but the IT was there before me, albeit illiterately.

    1. ffintii

      The bank must have spotted the scam on CCTV because AIB “invited” him to refund the money after he did it

    2. Spartacus

      From my reading of it he was a victim to his own greed. You might get away with this scam once, but he pulled it a number of times, at different ATMs. Not a man skilled at calculating probabilities, apparently.

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