Poolbeg Stacking Fillers


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Anita Elliot, of Clover Rua, writes:

“We have been busy working on new designs and are now fully registered with the Design Crafts Council of Ireland. Here are some of our latest prints, they are made from our own hand-drawn studies which we then print here in Dublin. A4 size is €10 and A3 is €20 from our ETSY shop. There’s a FREE A4 print on all orders of €30!”

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Irish-made ‘Stocking Fillers’ to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie. No charge, just a cuddle.

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5 thoughts on “Poolbeg Stacking Fillers

  1. Fiona

    Lovely stuff. If I had to pick a favourite it would be the first Poolbeg print. Or maybe the lamp silhouette… Gah, so hard to choose!

  2. amelie

    I ordered one of these prints on 12th Dec at lunch time and it still hasn’t been shipped (no problem, it’s Christmas and busy) but absolutely no communication from Clover Rua after multiple attempts at contact. Dismal customer service. Tried to get a refund but no communication.

    I understand it’s a small company and all but they were quick enough to take money, they could at least send a curtsey email advising delays in posting.


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