Who Was In The SUV?



A two pipe mystery.

Further to the hit and run in Dublin during irish Water demonstration on Wednesday.

So many questions.

Martin C writes:

Just wondering if you knew any update on the hit and run? a workmate made a complaint to the guards about it last night but he said they were a bit dismissive
it got a mention on that 104 phoneshow and I know it’s been in the Examiner but given it’s nature things have gone suspiciously quiet….finding it hard to believe nobody has the full reg number for this Jeep Grand Cherokee yet, its a rare enough beast….don’t think there’s traffic cams on Butt Bridge but still and all you can almost make the reg out from the footage that lad caught, someone must have a still..

John C writes:

 On the evening of the 10th,this story was widely reported. When first reported, Gardaí, who said investigations were ongoing, were explicitly able to say the SUV did not mount the kerb. Fast forward one day and footage emerges of the SUV clearly mounting the kerb….


UPDATE: The Blurry Reg Of Shame

Previously: SUV Hit Frame By Frame

Law & Order SUV

65 thoughts on “Who Was In The SUV?

      1. pedeyw

        I only mention footage or photos because they’re pretty solid proof. The Gards may be less likely to investigate if it’s just someone’s memory of it.

      2. john404

        I witnessed this..

        The reason I didn’t remember the reg was because I was in a state of absolute shock and horror. It really looked like several people were going to be killed right in front of my eyes.

        The first thing I was thinking of was I hope nobody gets killed and my own safety, didn’t have time to take out my camera phone as the whole thing happened so quickly.

        The gaurds were at the south side end of butt bridge and never came down to the incident, I left about 10 mins after the ambulance and fire brigade arrived and still no sign of a single guard.

        I was talking to one photographer there who seemed sure the reg had been captured on camera, so maybe hes gone to the gaurds with it first rather than posting it online.

        I think the reason the driver wasn’t dragged out of the car was because there was a kid in the back not sure if it was a man or woman driving.

  1. Right you are

    Maybe the SUV driver reported the illegal blocking of the road and they could be found that way.

    Or surely some of the track suited youths who ran after it took down the number plate.

  2. DON

    I’m on this bandwagon and am of course outraged. I have no proof but believe Denis O Brien was driving potentially whilst on drugs. I was just getting over the Panti gate outrage and the lad in spar when this came along. I intend to remain outraged until the next bandwagon which, like the number 10 bus, must be only minutes away.

    In the meantime I would recommend not sitting in the street as you might get run over

    1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

      I see a jeep on the foot path.

      In the meantime I would recommend not driving on the foot path as you might run over someone.

      1. Original Cynic

        It’s obviously perfectly acceptable behaviour to aim for a non-rugby playing, track-suited person on the pavement.

        1. louislefronde

          Why are they still wearing tracksuits and hoodies, fifteen years after they were briefly fashionable (for about a week)????

          I mean how to look like a Medieval peasant in the 21st century?


      2. Original Cynic

        It’s obviously perfectly acceptable behaviour to aim for a non-rugby playing, track-suited person on the pavement.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      There’s a social media lynching going on over on Facebook for those Swinford care workers. That wagon’s probably full tho, but the outrage could be viral and sustain it for some time.

      Hope that helps.

      1. DON

        tried to get onto it but was too late – Ive found a photo where a guard brutalises a child with special needs at the front line of the water charges protest so am onto that – I mean its a photo but I taje the posters comments as fact – makes perfect sense to bring kids up there and will be outraged until tea time! result! #gaymarriage

        1. Wayne Carr

          Apparently SUVs were seen being driven through a care home somewhere in the midlands. Reports on bebo that it’s the same SUV that was abusing soccer, snooker, and GAA fans in Dublin. More to follow…

  3. john

    There’s CCTV cameras all over the city especially O’Connell bridge. If the cops want to follow this up I am sure they could quite easily. Perhaps they are, who knows. They wouldn’t be known for providing follow up information on how they go about their good work.

    1. Kin Kong Ovo

      Thing is, ehm …. This is Butt Bridge, mentioned numerous times.
      It isn’t O’C Bridge at all.

  4. soundmigration

    Rotide do you mean its better not to show a video of a jeep ploughing its way through people on a pavement in case other people “on social media” frown at the driver. I agree there is nothing worse than social media demonisation of people who drive their jeep up onto a pavement through groups of other people.

    Maybe we could do a remix, add some Benny Hill music. Maybe Joe Duffy could play it today as its Funny Friday. And because its radio its also means the potentially frowny people “on social media” will just hear Benny Hill music and wont see a person mounting a kerb in a jeep to drive through other people.
    Disastrous demonisation averted quicker than you can say Terry Prone Clone.

    1. rotide

      I mean this is the equivalent of idiots posting LIKE DIS TO CURE DIS KIDS CANCER or LIKE DIS IF U TINK CANCER IS BAD on facebook.

    2. smoothlikemurphys

      It’s normally because, if it were to go to trial, anyone that has seen the video could have already made their mind up, thus hampering the ability to be impartial.

  5. Murtles

    I too shall stir up this pot and can say with 100% certainty, without even being there or in the same county, that it was a woman driver………or maybe Kim Yong Un………..but most likely a woman……….named Kim.

  6. Just sayin'

    …finding it hard to believe nobody has the full reg number for this Jeep Grand Cherokee yet…
    How many protestors does it take to note the reg of a slow-moving SUV? They can’t all have been illiterate?

  7. dd

    The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a rare enough beast?

    There’s 60 for sale on carzone right now.

    Realistically there’s at least several hundred in the country. I don’t think it’s unreasonable for people or websites posing as journalists to maybe do a bit of research ffs.

      1. dd

        nah you’re right. None at all. Sure who needs research when you can just make wild guesses and generalisations about the dole-ys and never worked a day merchants sitting on the bridge blocking people doing their daily work

  8. JimmyT

    simple… don’t get in the way of a car that has noting to do with the water charges… Your just pi**ing off the wrong people

  9. Ferret McGruber

    CCTV is everywhere. Gardai with cameras were, undoubtedly, everywhere on Wednesday. Traffic cameras are everywhere. The time is know, the car is known. How hard can it be (if they want to find the driver, of course)?

    1. dd

      perhaps they have already found and charged the driver but are not releasing the information to wums on websites and keyboard warriors because they fear reprisals. Let’s face it, this driver might have been a doctor en route to an urgent call and some gormless gobshites are “protesting” on a bridge. Who exactly they’re fucking supposed to be inconveniencing and how exactly this makes any kind of a point is fucking beyond me. Morans.

  10. 15 cents

    the guards are useless. unless the person is standing there in front of them, their attitude is always “ah sure theyre long gone now” .. ive encountered that guard attitude many times. reporting burglaries and muggings carried on myself. they literally never follow up anything. that’s why i carry a handgun with me now. if the guards wont help me ill help myself. at 73 i dont have the option of running or fighting back effectively.

  11. JunkFace

    SUV drivers are C*nts! The odds are this ar5ehole was from the Southside. There’s more status symbol awareness there. Try driving around the housing streets of Ranelagh, Rathgar, Rathmines, its hilarious they all have to back up and pass each other one car at a time on a two way street! There’s no room for these huge yokes. Idiots

    1. rotide

      You’re right! Haha, they’re such idiots for being rich!!

      If only they were dole drawing, heroin injecting, racist northsiders eh!

  12. JunkFace

    Yes, I know the southside has many kips, like parts of the northside. Worse kips in fact, they are way bigger. The SUV types drive around D4, D6, and parts of D2 like idiots, can’t even fit in their own neighbourhood streets. Sure there’s some SUV types on the fancy estates of the Northside, but not nearly as many.

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