Decent Irish-Made Wrap


Heather Finn - Turquoise Dragonfly Wrap - High Res

Crafted with love on these shores.

To nuzzle YOUR neck.

Knit-wit Heather Finn writes:

I sell my knitwear through boutiques and from my online shop [link below]. How about a luxurious cashmere and lambswool wrap embroidered with either dragonflies or leaves. Available in a selection of colours: turquoise, silver, raspberry, orchid, mulberry, ruby, tangerine, or cream! .”Fill one stocking for €85 or fill TWO for €120 with this coupon: hfk-2wrap120.

Heather Finn Knitwear

Irish-made stocking fillers to marked ‘Irish-Made Stocking Fillers’ to No fee just a glancing embrace.

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