G’wan The Bobo!



Julie writes:

Nigel O’Connor with pet African Grey Parrot, Bobo. Bobo saved Nigel’s life last Monday morning at 4a.m when a fire engulfed his home just outside Kingscourt in Co. Cavan. The parrot’s calls woke Nigel, saving his life.

The local community have started a fund to rebuild Nigel and Bobo’s home.
Please contact Kingscourt Credit Union for the ‘SOS DIY appeal’ account details.


17 thoughts on “G’wan The Bobo!

  1. ahyeah

    “Irish man, Nigel O’Connor”

    I’m glad that was clarified. For a moment, I thought he might have been one of those pesky foreigners I’ve been reading about. Apparently, they’re everywhere, looking for their houses to be rebuilt and all. Relax, though – it’s an Irishman.

    1. Soundings

      Yes, and to be clear, it is an AFRICAN parrot (presumably endowed with a ginormous willy) which saved the day, not some skanky Leitrim or Kerry parrot, oh no.

  2. Nicola Carroll

    Isn’t his house insurance going to cover this?

    He’s probably one of those people on the dole who do feck all time with their day other than talking to their flippin’ parrots.

    1. realPolithicks

      Your slipping there nicky, you forgot to ask how he can afford a parrot while he’s on the dole.

    2. pat cusack

      I think your comments were disgraceful. He has no house Insurance …He got the parrot 18 years ago as a check. He not working

      he got his parrot 18 years ago.
      He had no insurance.
      He list every thing in the fire.
      and he is a kind person who bothers no one.
      hope the tragedy and trauma visits your door because it’s pretty awful and devastating to say the least. . cop yourself on.

  3. Brian S

    I lost my phone the other day. My adorable cat looked at me with disdain when I told him. Any chance of a Facebook page being set up to pay for a new iPhone for me? I need it to record water protests during the week when every one else is in work

  4. pat cusack

    I was there yesterday with 20 volunteers we managed to clear most of the debris.. the house totally gutted. nigel lost all his worldly possessions in the fire except for Bobo the parrot

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