Jammy Fillers


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Pa Jama writes:

PaJama.ie is a fully Irish owned business specialising is Irish themed lazy-wear for those days when you just can’t be arsed! All Irish orders before 18th of December will be delivered in time for Xmas. Here are a few of our more popular adults pajamas (€24.95), as well as some of new range of Baby Lazy-Wear bodysuits (€12.95)! We have a load more designs over at PaJama.ie

Buy here

Irish-made ‘Stocking Fillers’ to broadsheet@broadsheet.ie. No charge.

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5 thoughts on “Jammy Fillers

    1. Snow Queen Frilly Keane

      Wouldn’t be arsed

      Sur that Pa Jama lad’ll deliver to the front

      Christ the thought of going inta Pennys and Easons … T’would give ya ire

  1. kevin Keegan

    Broadsheet,I like that you try to bring awareness of Irish produce.But really,this is pure tat.No design,no flare,no originality,and offering nothing new.Why, I ask them?

    1. Toni the Exotic Dancer

      I have to agree. Nothing original here. No imagination. Just copying another unfunny Irish owned clothes firm who shall remain nameless…

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