Meanwhile, In Sydney


Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 11.45.12_79731106_sydney_cafe_hostages_624map

Picture of a gunman apparently holding a hostage in Lindt café, Sydney and a Google Earth image of the area where a siege is taking place

BBC reports:

“A gunman is holding staff and customers hostage at a cafe in Sydney, Australia. The Lindt cafe in the city centre is surrounded by armed police. Officers have made contact with the gunman. Five people have been seen running from the building. It is not clear how many remain inside. A black Islamic flag has been displayed at the window.”

“About six hours into the siege, three people were seen running from the building housing the cafe. Two more people followed about an hour later. It is not clear whether they escaped or were released.

Sydney siege: Hostages held in Lindt café (BBC)

Martin Place siege: Sydney CBD cafe workers held up (The Australian)

Pics: News Corp and BBC

Thanks Mark Geary


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34 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Sydney

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    I don’t know why the BBC are publishing a photo of Osama Bin Laden – the dude’s dead. Al-Zawahiri is the Al Qaeda boss. You’d wonder what they’re trying to achieve with all this.

    1. kurtz

      It’s an explanation of what the black flag represents, with an archive photo of Bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri in front of a similar flag. That’s why the photo is there.

    2. dylad

      I don’t know why we don’t have Lindt cafes here in Ireland, would imagine they do a nice hot chocolate.

  2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    They could send the CIA in to do a “rectal feed” on him.
    As John Oliver said: unfortunately, it is exactly what it sounds like. They fed a guy hummus, pasta with sauce, and fruit and nuts up his bum.

  3. Soundings

    Chancer with what looks like a shotgun walks into a caff, threatens staff and customers, can’t even afford an ISIS flag and the world’s media is riveted. 3,000 people will be killed violently in the world today, surely there’s more meritorious international news.

      1. Soundings

        Care much for the violence in South Africa and India today? It’s about Christmas coming early for RTE piggybacking on international media with a safe story which they probably understand.

        1. rotide

          Wait so hang on, piggybacking on international media news stories is BAD.
          Yet, reporting on international news stories is GOOD.

          Hmm. Ok.

          Look, the news has to be relevant and interesting to people. This is a pretty basic concept. This is something unusual and interesting to people in Ireland. The violence in india isn’t.

          I’m not sure how this isn’t pretty obvious stuff.

        2. ReproBertie

          Many Irish people emigrated. Of those many emigrated to Australia. Of those many now live in Sydney. There could be Irish people in that café. There is a higher probability of there being an Irish person in that café than of there being an Irish person involved in the violence in India.

          Also, last time I saw the news it covered more than one international story.

  4. Newsjustin

    One of his demands, apparently, is to speak on live tv with the PM. I say set that up for him. “Smile for the birdie”

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        Why was that ever an issue? You can clearly see the fig filling on either side of the “roll”.

  5. Gooch

    Seems to be a flag issue. They should send in a few northern Irish lads knocking around Sydney to sort it.

  6. Paolo

    This is happening thanks to Australia’s relentless move to the right. You reap what you sew, as they say. The thing is, Tony Abbott is currently licking his lips as this will give him even more leeway in his medieval campaign against Islam and immigrants in general.

    1. ReproBertie

      No Paolo, what you’re doing there is victim blaming. This is happening because one idiot with a gun, a cause and a need for exposure decided to make it happen.

      1. jungleman

        There’s less chance of this happening in Ireland though, as a result of a more moderate foreign policy. Canada has also increased the terror threat by adopting a foreign policy in line with the US and UK.

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