You Wait Around For Ages


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The Art Of Painting (Dublin) Buses by Freeney’s Graphics is now ready for boarding.

Fran Carroll writes:

Our books have arrived and are for sale here. Great response from all over thanks to Broadsheet, we are on Liveline next Friday talking to Joe, should be good fun….

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4 thoughts on “You Wait Around For Ages

    1. fran

      Hi ,We still paint buses although not by hand , The book is a history of painted buses over the last 25 years.
      I’m in the middle of painting a sign for a man shed , so still at it after all these years………………..

  1. ineverthoughidenduphere

    up to 1998…. The Heineken music bus & the esso tiger strips were the first two overall vinyl wraps done here.

    1. Kieran NYC

      I hate when they wrap the windows too. Shouldn’t have to look at the poxy advertising from *inside* the bus.

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