Eight Mates A Drinking


Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 11.25.10

The 12 pubs.

As you’ve never seen them before

Darren O’Doherty writes:

I’ve been a fan of Broadshseet for a long time and I finally have something that I can contribute to the website. Some festive fun was had by all.”

Thanks Darren

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46 thoughts on “Eight Mates A Drinking

  1. Stephen

    How could anyone who’s been “a fan of Broadsheet for a long time” not know how much this is going to be ripped to shreds?

      1. scottser

        last time i ‘stuck it out there to see what happens’ i got some strange propositions and a warning from a garda.

  2. Rep

    I was going to be all cynical and sneer at anyone doing a 12 pubs, let alone filming but that was good. I enjoyed that.

  3. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    12 Pubs of Christmas. Gas craic when you’re doing it, the seventh pit of hell when you’re sitting next to it.

    1. Mikeyfex

      That’s it, isn’t it? No more to it.

      I sneered my sneery face off in town the other night surrounded by 12 pubs group in the jumpers and one 12 pubs crowd in Father Ted regalia. Double whammy as far as I’m concerned like. But you know what, despite my glares they all still seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was an intriguing development.

    1. Mani

      I’m not watching that. This type of muck is for Facepoke friends.

      All I will say is that the Xmas Jumper is the yellow star of David for wankers.

      1. kurtz

        “All I will say is that the Xmas Jumper is the yellow star of David for wankers.”

        Quote of the year. Bravo!

  4. Just sayin'

    I struggled to walk home after work last night as half a dozen grown men came out of a pub at half five hopping on one leg slowly to the next pub, blocking off the pavement to world-weary workers on their way home. If looks could kill.

    Great craic though.

  5. Panty Christ

    All wearing boot cut jeans and stripey hilfiger shirts. Overcoats and scarfs with zero tog value. Pointy browns shoes and Leinster season ticket holder optional.
    The craic.

  6. Owen

    Looks like a great night out. Good effort.

    11 and 12 look pretty miserable though. Must have been a nightmare trying to get the group together at that stage. 1 buying shots, 1 puking under the coats, 1 in the jacks, 1 trying to score etc. And there is always one lad in the group who started on the shorts in the 5th pub who is a complete liability by the 10th pub.

  7. Harry the Horse

    12 pubs of Christmas. phaaaa. Lightweights !!! Try the circle line pub crawl in London. 27 pubs and just one day!

  8. Hank

    Jesus, the guy who sent it in was just in front of me in the queue for Green Bench cafe (very) loudly regaling his workmates about how hilarious the “BANTER” comments were on the 12 pubs link he’d sent to Broadsheet.
    Insufferable D4 knobs.
    Kinda like Ross O’Carroll Kelly. But less self-aware..

  9. Kieran NYC

    These are the same people who will piously be ‘off the drink’ in January because they’re scared sh1teless when they wake up with kidney pains New Year’s Day.

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