21 thoughts on “De Friday Papers

  1. Stephanenny

    Yeah, Kenny says we shouldn’t have a “knee jerk” reaction to a law that’s been horrendous to women for 31 years but I should definitely tone it down and be polite and patient.

      1. ABM

        Leo informed Joan Burton about this case on Sunday.

        Hours later, he was both a “pro life” champion and “pro choice” champion (i.e. all things to all men) on Morning Ireland during the week.

        It appears that his principles are based on the superposition principle.

        Double-plus good all round.

    1. Jane

      Oh no, we really need to wait a couple more decades to see just how horrendous things can get for women – I mean, women have died, been kept alive, force fed and forced to have surgery in Irish hospitals for this law but I think we actually need something to happen to a proper person, like a man, before we can really wonder whether it was a good idea…

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        Look, is not like Enda or Leo can do anything about this jess, I mean it’s not like they are ministers or anything

  2. Derval

    Sweet Jeebuzz,
    Newspapers are a strange dimension of existence that I’m glad to not feel in any way obliged to engage with.
    That’s from a very casual scan of these front pages.

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