Near Easter So


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Count centre staff in Dublin’s RDS count votes in the general election of 2011


Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

22 thoughts on “Near Easter So

  1. RonDJon

    Way to distract from 1916 commemorations if they don’t get their way on what shape those commemorations will take.

    1. Twunt

      FF formed March 1926
      FG formed September 1933

      Neither were formed, neither took part, neither should claim ownership

        1. Dubloony

          I really don’t like the idea that any party would claim ownership, this is all of our history.
          There are people who want to commemorate a very dense part of our history that moved us from subjects to citizens. For that I am grateful.

          I’d like to see it being used to discuss the future of the country, how we partake as active citizens and to reclaim a bit of idealism.

          1. Daffyd

            Is it really everyone’s history? Like commemorations are borne of division. The primary one in the early 20th century was between Irish and British, and nationalist and unionist (or the proxies of Catholic & Protestant). The rising doesn’t include those who considered themselves British or Unionist and, despite claims towards secular republicanism, wasn’t all to inclusive of Protestants outside a token few.

            Then the other division was Home Ruler vs Secessionist. 1916 excludes those who preferred the Home Rule or gradualist approach. Therefore, it represents the history of those who prefer a secessionist, nationalist, Catholic narrative.

            And sure then, of course, they split over that ould treaty. Is it any wonder people go mental over the appropriate inheritors of the tradition and is it a bit weird that people see it as something for all of us given its fractured history?

          2. Clampers Outside!

            @Daffyd, there are no “appropriate inheritors” only people. And that includes ALL citizens, and I don’t care if they came here, only got a citizenship last week, and were born in Katmandoo !

      1. Clampers Outside!

        No party has a claim to 1916, not one. Not even the bleedin’ Shinners.

        If there’s a commemoration, it’s a peoples commemoration and to fupp with ANY party laying a claim. None of them are entitled to do so.

        1. louislefronde

          Ah 2016 – A Political Party..if you’ll excuse the pun….

          Those celebrations will be a vomit inducing exhibition of self-regard paid for by the taxpayer.

          The best place to be at Easter 2016 is somewhere else… preferably a nice beach.

        1. Spartacus

          rotide doesn’t have a point to make. He just loves to preen as he admires his scribbles on the screen.

          1. Artemis

            He told me I was made a mockery of, the other night on some thread about Sean Barrett. A mockery!
            He’s not the most astute in fairness, but he is kinda funny.

          2. Spartacus

            I wouldn’t descibe it as funny, to be honest. I suppose you could say it’s endearing, in much the same way as you’d say it about a young child playing with its own faeces.

  2. One Dub

    …told some time ago…

    That makes sense…
    …seventeen months is a long time in politics.

    Personally, I can’t see it lasting that long, but ‘some time ago’>/i> it did seem plausible.

    1. One Dub

      Indeed we do, and we will be rid of them sooner than they hope.

      I was talking to a taxi-driver earlier on today…
      No. Stop. I’m being serious…

      All it takes is to get young people out and voting…
      …but they’d rather emigrate.

      1. One Dub

        Okay, I’ll admit that he was MY sounding-board.
        I said that. He just agreed, like I was paying him to.
        Maybe I shouldn’t have mentioned him.

        -It’s my ‘trolling-nature’.
        I’ll go back under my bridge now.

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