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  1. Harry the Horse

    A bit “chicken & egg”, that one. Mind you, an enterprising intern could make a few quid on the side by tipping their mates off on where the jobs are….

      1. David

        Oh I think you will find that it was a chicken first ?? After all an egg can’t laid another egg !!! Plus I so would love know who was the first person to look at a chicken and say “” I going to eat the next thing that comes out of its #ass””

        1. scottser

          an egg indeed can not lay another egg, but you’ll find that reptiles were laying eggs long before the chicken existed. now off to the pub with you and amaze your friends with your new found knowledge, you young scamp, you.

  2. JimmytheHead

    Legalized slavery, but sher who cares so long as social welfare are throwing them an “extra” 50 quid a week… despite the fact most peoples dole was cut by upto and over 50% before this scheme was implemented.

    Social welfare is not a company that needs to make a profit, neither is healthcare or education. Disgusting behavior approved by Joan “Im allergic to the poor” Burton

      1. dhaughton99

        Its ‘hillarious’ alright. Maybe the intern could have a ‘slip’ on a wet floor and stick in a nice claim as payment.

      2. dhaughton99

        Also what clown decided to post this showing one of the staff insulting one of the customers. Its not smart and its not funny, its just insulting. When he spits in someones drink, will you post that?

  3. dhaughton99

    How the hell is a recruiting agency allowed to be using this.

    And its only going to get worse next year when the brits are brought in with their activation bullcrap and CV scraping.

    1. dhaughton99

      Q: I’m unemployed and I’ve heard about JobPath. How do I sign-up?

      A: JobPath is a mandatory programme for the long-term unemployed and those at most risk of becoming long-term unemployed, in which the Department of Social Protection will refer clients in accordance with eligibility criteria. You are not able to self-refer.

      Q: When will JobPath start?

      A: JobPath will start in the first half of 2015

      1. hh

        Q: I’m unemployed and I’ve heard about JobCamp. How do I sign-up?

        A: JobCamp is a mandatory programme for the long-term unemployed at a rural residential centre in which labour is performed in exchange for food and shelter, in which the Department of Social Protection will refer clients in accordance with eligibility criteria. Clients will work and stay at JobCamp for between 1 and 10 years.

        Q: When will JobCamp start?

        A: JobCamp will start in the first half of 2016

  4. Patrick

    As far as I’m aware, this company was offering an unemployed non experienced person the chance to work and learn skills in order for them to gain new skills and some office work experience, with this experience they could open many doors.
    Also the company in question don’t have any employees…its a two person company that were willing to give up their own time to train this intern up. They where offering a 3month internship with working hours between 10am-3pm and also as a benefit where giving the intern a bus pass so that their €50 they receive extra from the social wouldn’t be spent on going to and from the city centre.
    Don’t you think you should target the government and not a very very small company that are trying to help an unemployed person gain experience and to open other opportunities for them to further their careers.
    I know this because I’m unemployed and I sent in an application…don’t you think you’re jeopardising this opportunity for me.
    This is the only interview I’ve received in the last 4months of looking for work and if the JobBridge is gone, I will be left unemployed for 4more without a reply from any CV’s I send out

    1. Jesse

      You’re right! Two people can’t possibly have a different opinion to yourself…. Jaysus, that’d be hard to believe!

  5. Jesse

    I don’t think it’s right to exploit workers, but I do think that small companies like this need schemes in order to grow. There are two young women running that company and doing a great job of it, they have placed many people in jobs and are trying to grow in an industry which is very cut throat at the moment. They need support, not this.

    1. Spartacus

      So, Jesse. You have no business, familial, or other interests in First Place Recruitment, is that correct? It is entirely coincidental that both “Patrick” and yourself have magically appeared (today of all days) as contributors to Broadsheet to comment on this story, and this story alone? You know that the company is run by two people, doing a great job, and have placed many people? That’s remarkable, to say the least.

      As I said earlier, you can put me down as “unconvinced”.

      Tell you one thing though, if the “two young women” running that company are reading this, they’re almost certainly wishing that both you and Patrick would STFU and stop digging them a bigger hole.

      The Sreisand Effect – coming soon to a JobBridge vulture business near you.

      1. Jesse

        No Spartacus, once upon a time I used to work there when the company was run by another guy. And honestly I really do have much better things to do in my time than create another email address and name to “assist” my comment. If you feel so strongly about this being a ploy and abusing people, fine- feel that way. I’m saying- these two girls took the company over from another guy instead of letting it close, they are now finally after a years hard work able to take on some one with a view to employing them full time. They are not abusing the system. They are one small company keeping afloat. An Irish business paying their taxes and putting people in jobs. Not a multinational paying nothing in tax and earning millions and screwing people over.
        You pick a name, a strong name such as Spartacus and feel what? Strengthened in this to allow you to be rude on-line? No need for it man. I simply wanted to add another side to this topic, give ye all a bit of insight, not get abuse off you. So I’m out- I used to work there, when they first opened. Not related, not best buds… just know them as you do in a small city like Dublin. Now time for tay and mince pies!

  6. Padraig

    If what Jesse is saying is correct, and I’ll assume it is for now, then it sounds like these lads just found out that this small Irish business was trying to create employment and decided their time would be best spent trying to take food off their table. Jobsbridge allows small Irish companies just like this to hire extra staff when they need it most and when they are at their most vulnerable. I’ve known people who benefitted from it as employees and employers and hope it sticks around for a while.

    1. Artemis

      Jobsbridge allows small Irish companies just like this to hire extra staff when they need it most and when they are at their most vulnerable

      At their most vulnerable? Ha.
      You’re referring to the companies there right, and not the people being exploited, working for nothing? Is that right? Just want to be sure there.


  7. OCP

    I don’t get dole and am looking for work but most jobs out there are Jobbridge which means I would only get the €50. I don’t live in Dublin so travelling expenses for the week would surpass this so effectively it’s not worth me working.

    Am a bit on the older side and went back to college to get a degree to boost my job chances with now I got that the non-Jobbridge jobs are saying I’m over-qualified.

    I genuinely don’t think a chance of getting a job while this is in place as you can’t fault a firm for paying someone €50 a week over me who would cost more. l’d work for minimum wage though. I’d work below it even just as long as my travel costs were met and I’d a little bit to show for it. It’s just depressing.

    1. Artemis

      But think of the “experience”. The experience of working or 50 quid for 40 hours labour, 1.25 an hour, it’d be a humbling experience at least.. and at the end of it, you can get another job-bridge.

      My natural tendency is to do some work at work, but I think I’d probably just about manage to get myself a coffee, switch on my computer, and browse all day, if I was on job-bridge and they could kiss my hairy h*le if they were expecting more..

  8. Dave09

    Could JobBridge be reformed if someone had a bit of due diligence, imposed oversight and limited the scheme to SME’s, a firm set of guidelines imposed and penalty’s imposed for non compliance.

  9. Paul

    I have worked for the past 14 years in the Local Employment Services.

    I have just handed i my notice because what DSP want is not to help people back to work, but to find reasons to cut them off the dole.

    Until 2 years ago we were funded by FAS who, in general were genuine in their desire to help people.
    2 years ago DSP took over the funding and all they want is to find reasons to penalize people who are unemployed through no fault of their own.

    I have an inside track and the story is grim.

    Stand up for what you believe in, because at the end of the day you have to sleep at night.

    Be strong.

  10. Just sayin'

    Who are these protestors and who do they represent? I see all sort of names for protest groups of late but they all lead back to the same 3-4 groups- Eirigi, Sinn Féin, the Socialist Party or the Socialist Workers Party. Which one are they?

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