Anything Good In Forbes?




What does a GDP of $221 billion, a moderate tax burden, decent innovation rank, medium monetary freedom and an excessive red tape tangle get you these days?

Fourth best country in the world for business that’s what.

Kurt Badenhausen writes:

Hong Kong ranks among the top five locales for investor protection, trade freedom, tax burden and red tape. Rounding out the top five Forbes’ Best Countries are No.3 New Zealand followed by Ireland and Sweden


Best Countries For Business (Forbes)

12 thoughts on “Anything Good In Forbes?

    1. scottser

      yep, our TDs are the cheapest in europe to bribe. sure you’d get a factory built without planning for a 2nd hand beemer and a fortnight in malaga these days.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Dunno but I do hope there’ll be an jumpy-focussed, acoustic-flavoured hipster vimeo to mark it.

  1. Eric Cartman

    since when is 50% effective personal tax rate, 23% VAT and 33%CGT a ‘moderate’ tax regime.

    whats the least tax havingest english speaking country in the world so I can go live there , answers on the back of a postcard

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