They Took Him To Church


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At a live show in Paris earlier this month, Bray crooner Hozier was surprised by a 20 member choir, (sneaked into the audience by Virgin Radio) that joined him for the chorus of ‘Take Me To Church’.

Fair play in fairness.


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30 thoughts on “They Took Him To Church

      1. Mikeyfex

        Hozier and Conor O’Brien are actually the only two of this ilk that I have time for. Which I’m sure they’ll be delighted to hear.

        1. Mani

          To be fair, I do not like COnor O’Brien’s voice but I can recognise he’s a talented songwriter….this fella though…. No thanks.

          1. ceo

            I have that same thing with Conor O’Brien, nice melodies but his voice goes through me. What is it? I likes Hozier tho.

    1. Boba Fettucine

      And where there’s a Damien Rice, there’s a granny’s tea dress, bicycle with a basket, cellos and bluebirds and cupcakes nauseatingly twee songstress lurking around the corner.

  1. Brick Tamlin

    Think he is deadly, is that uncool? Has the Hozier backlash started already?

    Either way I’d say he’s fairly fed up singing that song…

    1. Mani

      Great, he’s gotten over excited again. This always happens at Christmas.
      Can someone find a wooden spoon so we can stop him from swallowing his tongue?

  2. Lilly

    He’s from Newcastle not Bray.

    How pissed off would you be to get tickets and then have these feckers start singing through it :D

  3. smoothlikemurphys

    He needs to stop the tone-deaf cellists doing backing vocals, the letterman performance was pretty much ruined by them!

  4. Kieran NYC

    Makes me so glad Ray D’Arcy is off the radio. They way he’d bang on about Hozier (or any middle-of-the-road snoozefest de jour), you’d think he had shares in him.

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