32 thoughts on “Even The Granny

  1. NMRN

    It’s truly a great sign of the progress that our society has made in recent generations that someone like ‘David F’ cannot imagine a day when women in the workplace was a rare occurrence.

  2. phil

    I’m baffled why broadsheet would post this moany self-righteous crap.. how many women does this idiot think were in the workforce in the 1930’s ??

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      Generally, it was middle class or upper class women who didn’t work. Working class women tended to work in some capacity.

          1. gertrude

            that is to say: women that were married were not allowed to work in the civil service until the repeal of this act in 1973.

          2. Don Pidgeoni

            I suspect civil service jobs would have gone to a particular class of woman whereas working class woman worked in a range of formal and informal jobs, married or not, often out of financial necessity.

          3. andyourpointiswhatexactly

            Brendan O’Carroll’s Mum was instrumental in bringing about that legislation, apparently.

  3. Caroline

    Oh I remember the granny well, the nosey b*tch handed me an illegible beermat one day when I was 8 months pregnant and trying my best to enjoy a gruesome Erdinger Alkoholfrei.

  4. only when

    I had 2 cats that worked there…gone @ 6 in the morn,…& never back till at least 10 @ night..never heard 1 complaint

  5. Artemis

    I’m confused. It’s not an uncommon feeling I get.. but let me see..
    Is David baffled at women in the workplace and if so why? (No one is that blatantly misogynistic, surely)
    Or is he baffled by the caption on the Guinness poster.
    Or if he trying to be facetious? In that case I think he’s clearly invoked Poe’s Law here.
    Or is David just baffled a lot in general.

    Baffling David. Now I’m baffled, thanks.

  6. AddieTV

    OH can we put a stop to these ridiculous posts please?

    Post: Look! Something note quiet PC that shows I’m eagle eyed, full of poo

    Replies: AH here…


  7. George

    Bigger issue would be the hypocrisy of this advert when Diageo have been downsizing massively due to increased mechanisation of the brewing process.

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