23 thoughts on “Icy Plunge Drama

  1. Stephanenny

    Fair dues to the passers by trying to throw in the lifebuoys. Not many people would hang off the rails next to a river to try that once, let alone a dozen times.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Indeed. That’s human spirit for you. I hope the idiots that ‘fall’ or ‘jump’ into a moving water current might recognise that there’s always someone that will do their utmost to save them.

  2. Twoshoes

    I was there when this happened. The man was clearly intent on jumping into the water (he walked into cars immediately beforehand). Everyone around responded, called emergency services, kept quiet and looked for rescue rings. Pleased to see he was rescued, very swiftly, and hopefully he will receive the care he needs. Witnessing this was a reminder to all that this can be a tough time of year.

  3. Hashtag Diversity

    Why pedestrians cannot cross at the designated places beats me. The bridge is right beside him. Leave walking on the water to the likes of Bono, Mannix Flynn, Una Mullally, etc.

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