11 thoughts on “It’s The Lidl Things

  1. PPads

    Isn’t sneering and sniggering great? I love it myself. Although I don’t have much time at the local Aldi/Lidl check out but loads at Dunnes.

    1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

      Kent Brockman: Sir, uh, why did you wait until the last minute to pay your taxes? 
      Krusty the Clown: Because I’m an idiot! Happy?

  2. Anne

    Just reading this –
    Just a lidl error. What’s a couple of hundreds of billions here and there.


    Reykjavik’s latest IMF cheque reduced its outstandstanding debt by $400.6 million (€326.66 million). This is tiny compared to Ireland’s mammoth repayment but still represents about 20 pent of Iceland’s IMF €2.1 billion debt. Thanks to repayments in 2012, Iceland’s remaining obligation to the IMF is $345.1 billion. “This outstanding balance is projected to be repaid during 2015-16,” said the IMF.

    They only borrowed 2.1 billion, but the remaining obligation to the IMF is 345.1 billion – which they’ll somehow manage to pay back in a year.

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