16 thoughts on “The Poster Of Shame

    1. Ms Piggy

      yes, this. I’ve noticed quite a lot her posters being used as ‘backing’ for announcements of meetings etc, you can see the original from the other side (if you see what I mean). Obviously this still needs tidying up, but it’s actually good to see someone reusing posters instead of dumping them.

  1. mano

    Just a general NO to everything from PBP, its an ongoing campaign

    I hope my company doesnt make any profits this year, so all that wealth can be redistributed by socialists.
    When they reopen the new nationalised dell factory in limerick and we start selling our own Ireland Brand PCs, people will all share in the wealth, not just exactly 50 people who take everything. It’ll run without managers, just workers

      1. mano

        Why is this the paper socialists are blaming for ‘propaganda’ that shows holes in their logic? Sorry i dont keep up with your latest facebook posts

        Are you denying dublin west TD Ruth Coppinger proposed this?

        it was posted in lots of media outlets, and no, I dont read the independent to answer your question

        1. Eliot Rosewater

          Ruth Coppinger is in a different party, though. Even if they were the same party, they are also different people.

          The profit thing is interesting, as it will have to be addressed at some point in the (near) future. Expecting year-on-year growth is impossible (unless you fancy the whole boom-and-bust type of economics we have at the moment).

          1. Milo

            Why not? A lot of Troskyite thinking starts with an enormous assumption which is verifiably untrue. Capitalism has delivered year on year growth for the pass 300 years with a couple of minor blips. The only system that verifiably did not grow is Communism which delivered a complete economic implosion if you didn’t notice! The reason capitalism survives is because it adapts and learns. Your worldview rejects reality until the whole edifice becomes so rotten it falls in on itself. Nationalising Dell represents exactly this flawed thinking. Instead the IDA rightly went after going up the food chain – more people earning more money in Dell then there ever was in the box packing days.

        2. Surely They Wouldn't Lie To Us

          In not a spokesperson for Ruth cop pinger but I think the story was miss represented.
          She was making the point the state should have stepped in to try and save jobs when dell moved production to Poland.
          As for the independent its a very bias newspaper pushing one mans agenda.
          It’s actually laughable

          1. Eliot Rosewater

            Yeah, would agree with this. My understanding is that she was talking about the hypothetical (i.e., in an ideal world, nationalising Dell would have been an option, we should strive towards this ideal world, etc., etc) I’m pretty sure she realises that nationalising Dell would have been completely impractical in the current economic set up that we operate in.

    1. scottser

      I hope my company doesnt make any profits this year, so all that wealth can be redistributed by socialists.

      wow, your @rse can speak!
      happy xmas!!

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