Tidings Of Discomfort And Joy






















Scenes from Xmas day in Dublin by Random Irish Photos.

Random writes:

It was a day of disaster and joy for a variety of Dubliners today. But mostly joy.
A taxi driver saw his car go up in flames on Cathal Brugha Street around 9am. Meanwhile a few streets away on Marlborough Street, female choristers assembled before 10am mass, followed at 11am by the boys. Slipping in with minutes to spare was Michael D and his good lady.
Some distance away was Lorraine Fitzsimons, of Age Action, handing out food and other goodies to a small army of volunteers who brought them to some 44 elderly in need from all over the city.
Helping her provide for ‘older people, living alone, with nobody to go to and nobody to come and visit’ was her brother Michael.
And in  Ballsbridge, the Knights of St. Columbanus were on hand with their Christmas Day dinners for the homeless and others at the RDS. Among them was Noel Brennan, 62.
Originally from Limerick, he hasn’t spoken to the last remaining member of his family – his older brother Paddy – for more than 20 years. And since his partner Rose died in 2010, ‘things just haven’t been the same’. But maybe, he wonders, if Paddy sees his picture, he might get in touch.Also at the annual event was married couple Clay and Rachael McDonald, ex-Dubliners’ Eamonn Campbell and long-time homeless campaigner and city mayor, Christy Burke.

Rebecca Dunne, 27, from Tallaght. was one of the proudest Christmas Day mothers, with the 12.12am birth of son Azam. Weighing in at 7lbs 4 ounces, she posed for photos at the Coombe Hospital with husband Nadeem Siddiqui, 31, and 16-month-old son Moin.
Rebecca was out shopping on Christmas Eve when she had to quickly head into hospital for the delivery of a boy who had not actually been due till the 27th. The guy in the lift is a security guard who has worked at The Coombe on Christmas Day every year for the last 13 years.

Random Irish Photos

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    1. ABM

      I don’t know why the Archbishop bothers giving this man so much attention.

      He’s an open pro-abortionist and hates church teaching. He goes along cos he likes the singing and the readings.

      Sure there’s a place for everyone on the pews, but greeting Michael Higgins in such a manner is all very fine for church-state relations, but we’re only giving public support to his views. He’ll go back to the Aras thinking he’s a great man who’s “doing the right thing” and is on the side of God.

      Here he is taking Holy Communion just days after signing abortion legislation:


      A disgusting little hypocrite.

      1. Zuppy International

        Are you being naive? Or disingenuous?

        This is Mickey Ds last opportunity to show he’s not a bankster Muppet. He must refuse to sign this monstrous bill of corruption (Irish Water Act 2014) or he will have betrayed his own promise to the people who voted for him.

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