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      1. Soundings

        “Butchered by Daddy”?

        True to form, it’s not even accurate. The two deaths were of a man (53) and his wife (49). Neither could be characterised as being “butchered by daddy”. Their daughter (21) was, according to RTE, found injured by the roadside and was taken to hospital “where she remains in a serious but stable condition.” Thankfully the daughter is alive and from all descriptions, likely to physically recover. So “butchered” which means slaughtered or killed brutally or indiscriminately doesn’t apply to the daughter.

        Putting aside the Sun’s crassness and journalistic inaccuracy, it sounds like an unbelievably tragic incident, I can’t imagine what the two daughters (the second one is only 16) will be going through today. God help and love them.

  1. redser

    Maybe I’ve just been avoiding the red tops for too long, but I’m shocked by that Sun headline. It’s grotesque. Have they no shame at that paper?

  2. Padjay

    The Sun’s headline is deplorable. The Examiner doesn’t do a great job either – “Husband was in a mental hospital”. Aren’t there journalistic guidelines for this kind of thing. Things are slowly improving regarding mental health in this country, and it’s gradually becoming part of the conversation, but using backward terms like “mental hospital” doesn’t add much.

    1. Onetwothreefour

      Well he appears to have been released from the Central Mental Hospital recently so The Examiner is accurate, in terms of reporting the facts. It’s surprising The Sun didn’t have this particular detail all over their front page.

      1. Frilly Keane

        What’s even more surprising is that The Sun hasn’t flogged what he was found guilty but insane of.

        Terrible Tragedy.

  3. Carole

    The Sun is such a rag. Appalling headline & they should not have published a photo of the surviving child. Zero sensitivity.

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