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  1. munkifisht

    This is standard stuff worldwide. It’s just to get an idea of the make up of schools. They really couldn’t care less if your sexcrement’s Black Irish Traveller Satanist, they just want to know this stuff so they can A) gear the syllabus appropriately and B) know the racial and religions make up of schools in Ireland.

    There’s also a No Consent box. I suggest you tick that and quit yer moaning.

  2. Don Pidgeoni

    So the department can see how many kids of whatever group there are and then how they are doing to direct resources where they are needed? Hardly shocking is it?

    1. Sidewinder

      I really wish I could say race and religion have nothing to do with where resources are required but well…

      1. Don Pidgeoni

        True true. More so a report can be written about where resources should go followed by hand-clutching about why they can’t

  3. Sniffin

    Using data gleaned from forms such as this, the Department of Education can tailor its services to reflect changing ethnic and religious demographics in Irish schools.

      1. PhilJo

        In the 70’s the immigration form when flying to the US had Colour black/white/other.

        Peter Ustinov got into a bit of trouble for selecting other and filling in “sort of pinky beige”

  4. medieval knievel

    if your child is atheist, should you tick three boxes? atheist (i.e. does not believe in god), no religion, and agnostic (i.e. cannot *know* whether there is a god or not)?

      1. Joe

        yup it’s the school logo, my comment was referring to the control that the catholic religion have over our schools,

        1. PaddyIrishMan

          Was there no non Roman Catholic school in your area? I know there are lots of rural areas where this is the case but in most of Dublin there is an Educate Together school that is not too far away. They are hard to get into due to high demand.

  5. Banotti

    This place has gone to the dogs. The person asking this question knows nothing about the world. Yet they still feel the need to have a strong opinion.

    1. PaddyIrishMan

      First question should be “Is your child religious?”. If “yes” then select from this list, if no then choose “atheist” or “agnostic”, “flying spaghetti monster”

    1. ahyeah

      Or better still, scrawl “NO CONTRACT NO CONSENT” across the front of the form, sit back in your chair, fold your arms and congratulate yourself for being enlightened in an age of ignorance.

  6. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Read the text, those who are dismissing this.

    “Therefore, it is necessary for each pupuil’s parent /guardian to identify their child’s religion and ethnic background”

    That statement is wrong. It is necessary to gain consent, not necessary to provide the information.

    The form should be rewritten. The option of not providing the info should be more clearly stated, with something like ‘You may choose not to provide this information. You should select the large ‘no consent’ box at the top of the form’.

  7. Parochial Central

    It’s none of their business. But why pick on schools. The Masters of the Maternity hospitals and departments of this country should be asked why hospitals compiled race information on birth mothers that was used to support the case for a shameful referendum denying kids rights to be Irish citizens.

  8. neil

    So we can tell if – for example – children from certain ethnic backgrounds are advancing to different stages in the education system or dropping out disproportionately because the system is letting them down, etc. These things are important. The inclusion of a box if you do not consent to having your child’s information recorded is fair enough in fairness.

  9. H

    As a professional researcher/statistician I have no problem with schools or any institutions collecting information on ethnic origin and religion, I do however, have major issues with how badly this form has been put together, it was clearly designed by an amateur.

    They state that the ethnicity categories come from the census (which are woeful anyway) but they have not used them correctly because they have mixed categories and sub-categories and as someone pointed out they have missed off ‘Black Irish’ but have and they have seen fit to add ‘Roma’

    As for the religion question – what a mess!

    They really should have just used the same categories as the census for both questions because then the information they gathered would be comparable with information produced from the census making it far more useful.

  10. Milk teeth

    The state never used to collect information like this in France, it was illegal. It lead to no one fully understanding how badly the french state served people from minority backgrounds, so the problems couldn’t be addressed and became endemic.

    This lead to people from minority backgrounds having much lower qualifications, representation in top jobs and in general quality of life. It took massive riots in Paris for the Government to realise there was a problem with provision for minorities and to start to adrss it.

  11. Truth in the News

    What has Creed,, Colour, Ethnicity got to do with the Dept
    have they profiled themselves ?

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