Meanwhile, In Stoneybatter



Scenes of Irish Water workers and protesters at Stoneybatter, Dublin 7 this morning.

From top: Oxmantown, Ben Eadair and Arklow Streets.

Via Stoneybatter Against The Water Tax (Facebook)

Previously: Meanwhile, In Stoneybatter

Dumb Intelligence Gathering

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42 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Stoneybatter

  1. Mister Mister

    There’s a brave ‘protester’ in the final pic. So sure of his ideologies he feels he has to cover his face.

    Happy New year and back to this bullshit nonsense.

    1. Randy Ewing

      Maybe he dones’t want Joan ‘the workers friend’ Burton slagging him off in the media cos he can afford a plastic bag to cover his saddle, has enough cash to be taking a day off work to protest and thinks little of the plastic bag tax !!

      1. Con

        Most of us do different ‘shifts’ on different days, and we come out at 6am and loads of people head to work at some stage. People have actually taken days off work or college etc though.

        Or we’re terrorists, whichever..

    2. Colin

      Given that a bike forms part of the definition of vehicle under the RTA, surely they could be removed for impeding the flow of traffic?

    3. Bobby

      You can hardly begrudge him anonymity when there’s security companies filming protesters for reasons unknown.

        1. Bobby

          And the workers chose to not cover themselves. If they did, would you be demanding they reveal themselves?

    4. AH HEYOR

      You’re one of those aren’t ya ?

      Enjoy your commute home today from the job you hate , which you get paid less to do this year, which you only work to pay off your inflated mortgage on a semi D in Kilkock or wherever it was the estate agent told you was “an ideal satellite town to Dublin”.

      1. Mister Mister

        Presumably you’re talking about me ? Wrong all all points.

        New year, new term for someone who doesn’t agree with these eejits. Got tired of calling us the gubberment, Oirish water wurkers or Denis O’Brien, and the best you can come up with is “one of dem” ?

        1. AH HEYOR

          Yes I was almost as silly as calling someone out for wrapping their scarf around their head for “anonymity” – when it is clearly just cold out.

          The irony of an anonymous internet poster calling out a man for covering up his identity…

          I was obviously wrong on the job point, there’s no way someone in employment could be this active in the BS comments section

          1. Mister Mister

            It wasn’t cold.

            And the irony was not lost on me, but it does seem to be on you though

      2. Owen

        ‘one of those’ – a person who is not a fan of their job, dreams of having better means, and wants a nicer house? Then throw in the common recession result… WOW! Talk about a bombshell. You should become a shrink!

  2. Dubloony

    In order to fix our very leaky system, water needs to be measured, hence the need for water meters.
    At €160 for a couple or €60 for a single person, the costs are not huge.
    If people consider that beyond their means, the issue is not water charges but of basic poverty.

    Yes the Irish Water introduction was a farce beyond belief but we do need to fix the infrastructure.
    Older generation got rid of rates in ’77 and there’s been no investment since then.

    Where is the solidarity with people on boil notices? This is so everyone can have clean drinking water.
    Am so p***ed off with short sighted me feiners whose idea of solidarity is to not pay and have no alternative.

    (Am back in work and a bit cranky today)

    1. JimmytheHead

      Heres your alternative: stop pumping money into a corrupt and mis-managed banking system, then take back the 25 million I.W. have already wastefully invested on “consultants” and use that to fix the leaky pipes.

      Problem solved

      1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

        “take back the 25 million I.W. have already wastefully invested on “consultants” and use that to fix the leaky pipes”
        Putting “problem solved” after that certainly doesn’t solve the problem. How the fupp would that be done?

        1. Easy Tiger

          But you’re quite happy to keep paying for a bloated quango.
          Sure ’tis only 60 per person.

          Pay your way, etc. And John Tierney’s.

    2. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      I agree, and I’m not cranky. I’d like a nice G&T though, to take the aul edge off.

      1. AH HEYOR

        Hendricks Gin, Schweppes Tonic, Cucumber Garnish.

        You’ll never go back to Gordons and Lemon I swear !

    3. Brendan

      Pay for it out of central taxation. Investment in water infrastructure has dropped to nothing in recent years to make this tax seem more palatable. It’s only being made into a semi state body so it can be sold off in a few years as part of the bailout package we agreed to in 2010. Thinking the cost will stay the same is very naive. Student contribution fee started as €190, now it’s €3000. Over 18 years.

      We agreed to all of this in 2010. Set up Irish Water in 2015. Sell it in 2020 for €10 billion. That €10 billion immediately goes to the man who loaned us the money anyway, so no benefit there. Irish water is commodified and sold overseas. Money is literally drained out of the Irish economy and lost forever.

      Irish Water is such bad news

      1. Dubloony

        Why can’t it be based on the Welsh Water model? A non-profit organisation whose job it is to fix and maintain the water in Wales.

        It was paid out of central taxation, at a cost of €1billion a year to maintain existing system. The cost of bringing it up to scratch is more than our broke country can afford. Having a separate entity means it can raise its own money, like ESB, on market rather than through taxation.

        A large portion of the population don’t pay income tax so burden falls to those who do. Whole population needs to be conscious of water usage to reduce consumption.

    4. Clampers Outside!

      “Older generation got rid of rates in ’77 and there’s been no investment since then.”

      I prefer…

      “Older generation conned into voting FF on promise of getting rid of rates in ’77 and there’s been no investment since then…. bar the so-called increase in other taxes to cover water charges in 1997(ish)”

  3. Gavin

    Both Brendan & Dubloony mention the real issue here that most people miss or choose to ignore. Why cant it be paid for out of central taxation. Arguing over wont pay, cant pay, not arsed, your all a bunch of scabs…. is a waste of time and does nothing but detract from the real issue of privatisation and the commodification of water. Anyone who thinks this is simply about providing a better service is delusional.

    1. Dubloony

      I’ll bite.

      There is a huge amount of engineering, science and plumbing to get potable water out of your tap. It needs to be done all day, every day otherwise we have cryptosporidium (like Galway a while back) and e.coli (manure – human and animal) in the water system. Clean water is the single biggest public health improvement a country can invest in. That and effective waste water treatment

      Previously, we had local authorities looking after the water systems in their areas. So quite literally, there wasn’t joined up thinking and more importantly, joined up infrastructure planning. Poor counties had poorer infrastructure.

      When it was paid for out of central funds, we had a situation of under investment and not prioritized (no votes in clean water). As revenue collection collapsed, so did money available for water. Given the importance of water, there is an absolute need to have consistent maintenance in bust as well as boom time.

      IW is not privatized. Commentators here seem to believe that it already is. See page 7,39548,en.pdf “The Government has consistently stated that the supply of water and sewage will remain in public
      ownership. This principle was enshrined in the 2007 Water Services Act and reaffirmed in the Water Services (No. 2) Act 2013. The 2013 Act prohibits the shareholders of Irish Water – the Minister for the Environment,Community and Local Government, the Minister for Finance and the board of Irish Water – from disposing of their shares.”
      Water is different and should never, ever be privatized.

      Potable water is manufactured, it does need to be conserved. By paying for it, people become aware of this and will tend to reduce waste.(the 20c plastic bag charge is an example of a small charge causing a major behavioral change) Given that we’re an island surrounded by (salt) water, in a temperate climate with a lot of rainfall (falling through atmospheric pollutants) its difficult to understand that potable water doesn’t actually fall from the sky.

      By paying for it, IW has a consistent revenue stream that can be used for investment as well as being able to raise funds on international markets, like the way ESB did.

      I’m seriously unhappy by the way that IW has been introduced, its appalling communications and no send of service to the country. Focus was on their own gym, GAA executive box and bonus culture. As for Tierney, he’s failed at everything he’s been involved with and I’ve no idea how he got the job. There are serious questions to be answered.

      Irish Water needs to have much better leadership and be much more responsive to citizens concerns. It make sense to have a single entity being clearly accountable for water production and waste water disposal. It removes local politicians from the equation. Easier to see a pothole being filled than clean water being produced day after day.

      In a nutshell, I support a single entity who will actually be accountable for water services in this country. Its too important an issue to be left to the whim of a country councilor. Citizens do need to pay for it. By charging everyone, the need to conserve water is raised.
      Doesn’t make me a fan boy of the current set up though.

  4. Aine

    1 protestor in Arbour Hill this morning (when IW had long since started working) and when asked where everyone else was she said ‘its Christmas’. Wft?!?!

    No one out to help protest in Stoneybatter yesterday when the whole place was being dug up and no sign of any Gardai either so that can’t be used as an excuse!

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