20 thoughts on “Welfare Wednesday

    1. JerryTwig

      I’m a long serving BS reader and contributor and I’ve spent many a night in the blacker. The smell of sawdust in your nostrils as you choke down cheap vodka and redbull. Grand place if you don’t hang around outside afterward.

    1. Brendan

      Joan Burton needs to send her people into this pub and take the dole off everyone in there Joe. They can’t be looking for work if they’re drunk on a Wednesday.

      I wish I was on the dole etc etc

  1. Spaghetti Hoop

    ‘ALL DAY’ and night wha.
    The old me would laugh at this.
    The more recent me would be horrified and disgusted.
    The new me is just jealous.

    1. Dhaughton99

      The review is class.
      Quote: Consider yourself an adventurous soul? Interested in self-defense? Like the idea of doing your clubbing in a manky shopping centre?
      Then why not give the Blacker a go?

      The Blacker is located in Northside Shopping Centre in Coolock. If, by some miracle, you decide to visit it after reading this, do not attempt to locate a business named ‘The Blacker’, as the Blacker is part of a pub named Liz Delaneys. “Strange name for a nightclub”, I hear you say.
      Well, the Blacker isn’t actually officially called the Blacker. Back when Liz Delaneys was called “The Black Sheep” (hence ‘the Blacker’), it used to have some weird name like “Club Armaved” or something similarly strange, but no-one referred to it as anything other than the Blacker so, despite The Black Sheep becoming Liz Delaneys, the Blacker it remained. I don’t think that it has an official name anymore.

      Back circa 2005 or so when I first came into contact with the place, the Blacker was trying to relaunch itself as a competitor to Barcode, with €3 drinks on Thursdays (the great attraction of Barcode back then was that you could get your Fat Frogs for €9. Fat Frogs, do ya remember them?!).

      This is all very well in theory, but the reality was somewhat different. Another of Barcode’s attractions was that it was full of hot schoolgirls from Clontarf and Sutton. The Blacker, on the other hand, was full of tattood apprentices who didn’t necessarily like the look of long-haired college boys like yours truly, and some of the roughest women in Christendom.

      And there was always a terrible ratio: 2 or 3 hard-chaw males for every hairdresser in the place. And when you did see a nice looking girl, you would be hesitant to talk to her for fear of getting glassed by some Git, Anto or Steo.

      1. Reppy

        Ah Barcode thems were the days. Queued for many an hour to get in there on Thursday nights… It was always worth it

    1. Mr. P.

      Northside!…….Boing, Northside………Boing, …………..The great great shopping centre!

  2. pissedasanewt

    So Irish water can try and install a few water meters early on Thursday morning in the Coolock area…. should be nice and quiet.

    Ah, I remember Northside! Boing etc etc.. blah blah blah. Classic 80-90’s advertising in its day. Probably 80’s??

  3. Eamonn Clancy

    You think that’s bad? Check out what bingo halls have been offering women on children’s allowance day for years.

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