15 thoughts on “Kerb Your Enthusiasm

    1. Joe

      Yup the VW was totally forced to park that way, it’s the Renault driver who is at fault. Rename post from “Kerb your enthusiasm” to “Forced to kerb it”

        1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

          Aye. The Renault driver completely fupped up reversing into that space, and probably just thought “Ah fupp it, it’s grand,” as they walked off, whistling.

  1. pissedasanewt

    Maybe there was a motorbike parked up by the wall before Renault person drove in or they are so fat they need to open the door fully to get out of their car.

    However, VW person should let their passenger out then repark as close to the renault as possible so if the renault has a passenger they will have to drive out before the passenger can get in.

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