Bloody Mature Students


mature student

“When is that actually due though because I have to look after my baby…”

“Is it OK if I go over the 3,000 words…”

The Mature Student

Starring Dominic Anglim, Laura O’ Leary, Johnathan Buckley, Cilléin McEvoy, Iseult Casey and Rob Earley. All of

Cruel, heartless and spot on in fairness.

Thanks Stewart

22 thoughts on “Bloody Mature Students

  1. jungleman

    Ah the Patrick Bateman skit was better. Don’t really think they nailed it on this one. For starters, the mature students always sit at the very front of the lecture hall.

    1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

      Heh! Exactly. All the front row taken up. In my day, it was all gardaí studying law.

      1. jungleman

        It was law in my case too and they asked the most ridiculous questions. It was as though they were trying to show off by asking the most obscure and only remotely relevant (irrelevant for exams) question they could think of.

        1. andyourpointiswhatexactly

          We’re obviously two massively intelligent types. GO US!
          Though I don’t practice or anything as I mostly despised it.

        2. Deirdre C

          The scent of arrogance and ageism on this topic by a few on here is pathetic, childish are very sad. Then one sneakily tops it off “Fair play though” to cover his/her ass. Then again, this is Broadsheet.

          1. jungleman

            There’s no malice in what I’ve said. I fully agree with the mature student’s comment below. It’s all in good sport and if mature students insist on incessantly asking stupid questions they’re fair game. There’s plenty that the young students could be slagged about too, probably a lot more than mature students.

          2. Deirdre C

            Yea right and you’ll be the judge & jury as to whether they ask “incessantly asking stupid questions” or not. The smell is dire.

    2. Just sayin'

      Oh god yeah. And they’re even worse if they’re in their 40s or 50s. I wished death on several of them back in the day – like going to college with your dad.
      Fair play, though!

      1. scottser

        i’m glad i wasn’t a whippersnapper in college like ye. ye couldn’t put in a shift with a hangover, ran up stupid library fines, were constantly borrowing lecture notes and ye smelled shocking.

    1. Parky Mark

      I still thought it was a woman after his mouth opened. Is it not a woman playing a man for some reason?

  2. Fardays

    As a lecturer in a seminar they can be a lifesaver, especially when everyone else is too scared to talk.

  3. MS

    I’ve never commented on anything before, but in fact I’m a mature student so I decided I must. Ha ha ha.

  4. D

    Mature student here. Very true about asking the most pointless questions, then proceeding to answer the question themselves anecdotally. On the flip side they generally do much better then the traditional students as they have sacrificed a lot more to be there and aren’t too concerned about getting the ride later that night.

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